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In a manufacturing company, a lot has to be done in order to ensure that the products are suitable to the consumers and that they reach them. Therefore, this has put the managements of such companies to task of engaging different professionals. These include professionals in fields such as: advertising, sales promotion, marketing, and the public relation, who then work together in order to maximize the sales. This paper analyzes marketing, advertising, sales promotion and public relations as functions of product selling. The specific missions of the associated professionals and the roles of social media and internet in sales are also discussed.

For any product which company creates in order to prosper, managers should employ marketing, advertising, sales promotion and the public relations professionals. According to Tuten (2008), marketing is the process of determining the needs and wants of the customers in the market, and striving to create and deliver the products that can satisfy consumer’s needs and wants. Advertising, on the other hand, is the process through which the manufacturer of a product communicates about his products to the consumers with the intention of persuading them to buy it. On his side Mooij (2010) notes that sales promotion is the process of providing the short term incentives to the consumers of a particular commodity in order to entice them to buy. Additionally, public relation is the way in which companies, organizations or people try to improve their reputations. These four different activities are, consequently, very important as they fit together to ensure that the manufacturers intention of selling his products are satisfied. The professionals have different functions. However, they are often confused since they all strive towards availing products to the potential consumers (Gitman & McDaniel, 2009).

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Marketing includes all the activities that are necessary to create consumer preferred products and then transferring them to the consumers. It normally starts with the marketing research; this is whereby those involved in marketing get to learn and to find out the needs of the consumers. Mueller (2011) notes that this can be done by interviewing the potential consumers, observing the consumer behaviors towards the substitute goods which are already in the market, as well as by testing samples into the market and seeing how the consumers respond to them. When the results are positive, the marketers will ask the production department to produce the goods and then find the proper channels of distribution to the consumers. The process ends when the marketers are satisfied that the products have reached the consumers and they have purchased them.

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Advertising can thus be done through a medium such as the newspapers, television, and the online media. Through this process, the benefits of the products being offered are communicated to the consumers. As compared to marketing, it is also intended to promote selling. In addition, it also involves market research. However, they have few differences; marketing involves even the design modification of the products while advertising just deals with the emphasis on communication of the importance of the products (Applegete & Johnsen, 2007).

Shimp (2010) states that sales promotion is not only done to the ultimate consumers but can also be done to the commodity distributors such as the wholesalers and retailers, who will further encourage the consumers to buy. These incentives may include giving of free samples or additional commodity for whoever purchases a particular item. Therefore, it starts with giving a valuable and relevant offer to the consumer in order to motivate them. It is similar to marketing and advertising because they all aim at availing goods to the consumers. However, they differ by reason of giving free samples to the consumers.

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Shimp (2010) also notes that public relation tries to improve company’s reputation by managing the flow of information between them and the public. It is normally performed by the public relations experts who communicate the positive attributes of the organization on behalf of their clients. It may also involve the cooperative efforts between the business people or companies and the other organizations in order to create goodwill which will in turn enhance the client’s image. The tools normally used by the public relation professionals include news releases and announcements done through the media, publications, and distribution of the news letters to the customers as well as through physical appearances to the public events such as the trade shows and exhibitions. Even though it leads to the attraction of consumers, it is different from the other three tools in the following; it aims at improving the organization’s reputation (Doole & Lowe, 2008).

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The four activities work together simultaneously and in support of each other. However, their operations are changing with the ever changing business environment and the professionals have had to continuously twist their operations so as to meet the dynamics in business. This has, therefore, seen the adoption of the modern practices into these fields. These include such tool as the modern technology.

Professionally, the function of a marketer is to ensure that he or she has properly searched the market requirements and has given proper advice to the organizations on which commodities to produce and how to produce them in order to meet the consumers’ specifications. He or she also assists in deciding which kind of distribution channel needs to be used by the organization in order for the commodities to reach the consumers.

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On the other hand, the advertising professionals are the individuals who are concerned with the advertising the organizations products to the consumers. Their mission is to convince the consumers to buy from a particular producer and not from the other substitute producing organizations. While for a sales promotion professional, the mission is to create a reliable means of ensuring that the good or services are purchased by the consumers by enticing them to buy. Finally, the public relations professionals’ mission is to ensure that the organizations image is well portrayed to the public so as to enhance proper response of the consumers (Stair & Stair, 2006).

Stair & Stair (2006) further states that though they are confused with one another, the four activities are totally different from each other. For instance, public relations differ from advertising because it is majorly concerned with the building of a good image of the organization while advertising communicates about the organizations good and goes ahead to convince the consumers to buy.

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Additionally, they state that with the introduction of the social media and Internet, organizations operations have been improved greatly. For instance, the marketers use these tools to interview consumers in order to help determine the specific products to produce while the advertising professionals use the same tools to display the products and to communicate to the general public about the importance of their products. In the sales promotion, social media and the internet assist in displaying the offers to the consumers so as to encourage them to buy. Finally, these two tools assist the public relations professionals to post their press releases for customers and the general public to see.

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