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Case Study: The Clothesline

In this simple vignette, identify the concepts that are of importance to nursing. How many can you find? Given this situation, several key elements are needed to be included to the nurse behavior. First, the attentiveness plays an important role ...

Case Study: The Smart Grid

Section A The issue under consideration is focused on creating the so-called smart grid (a fabric of communications between energy plants and the end consumers, allowing for two-way data exchange). By using the example of various companies, ...

Critical Thinking: Cliffside Holding Company's Case

1. What are the issue and conclusions? The key issue of the case is whether it is worth involving junior insurance executives in a leadership-development program, which is rather costly. An individual responsible for decision-making believes that ...

We Can but Dare We?

Whereas social media create many opportunities for professionals, the use of smartphones and social media network for non-work related purposes by employees presents a problem for many organizations. The nature of web media can create many risks for ... Testimonials

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