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Economic Issues

Discuss the role of religion in globalization. You may choose one of the major religions to focus your discussion.

Globalization has contributed considerably to the disappearance of boundaries between countries, nations, cultures. The world has become interdependent to a considerable degree. There is a certain reciprocal influence between religions and globalization. The last one contributed towards the spread of religions by immigrants, refugees or even aggressors. Religious beliefs and traditions tend to undergo certain changes while adjusting to local cultural differences. Furthermore, there is an essential resistance that attempts to preserve specific cultures and religions within societies. European colonization can serve as a revealing example. The seizure of new territories was accompanied by propagation of Christianity. Taking into consideration that the abovementioned areas were inhabited by people with well-established cultural and religious traditions, the newcomers perceived the spread of their own culture and religion as the crucial necessity in order to conquer not only the lands and its resources, but also its people. In this context, the diverse religions rarely coexisted rather than supplanted each other’s places.

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Discuss some of the cultural issues which appear to have influenced the effectiveness of the expatriate managers.

Globalization caused the emergence of multinational corporations with workers from a diverse cultural background. The effectiveness of expatriate managers is being affected by a number of factors. It is essential to take into consideration various perceptions of a problem influenced by cultural differences, the language distinction which may cause a crucial misunderstanding; opinions, beliefs and even time difference can generate issues in the working procedure of a multicultural team.

In your judgment, in what ways do the economic migrants help or hinder globalization?

The economic migrants help globalization, furthermore, they can be perceived as its pivotal force. People who change their country of residence with the purpose of filling a job vacancy bring to a new place not only their professional skills but also peculiarities of their culture thereby contributing towards its spreading. Moreover, money is the reason most of the people choose to abandon their native land and seek for better living conditions for them and their families. Therefore, they are ready to apply themselves to any kind of the work even those that are perceived as less prestigious.

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Choose one of the multilateral institutions and discuss its role in globalization.

The role of the multilateral institutions is highly significant in terms of globalization. On the whole, multilateralism is a concept within the international relations which indicates the joint efforts of several countries in solving a particular problem. The United Nations represents the essence of such a multilateral institution as its goal lies within the necessity to promote amicable relations between states, their cooperation and efficient development.

It is argued that new power centers have been emerging to counteract the dominant U.S. position in the world affairs. Choose one of these anticipated power centers and evaluate its prospect to counteract or complement the U.S. position.

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One of these anticipated power centers is considered to be China. Its gradual emergence plays a significant political and economic role within Asia. Its growing weight becomes more tangible for key players in the international arena. In case, Chinese economy proceeds to develop at such an impressive rate, it will inevitably counteract the dominant U.S. position.

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