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King David

David was the youngest son of Jesse, the grandson of Ruth and Boaz, born in Bethlehem in the tribe of Judah. He was specially selected by God, anointed by Samuel, and turned out to be Israel's subsequent, and greatest, king.

David was a shepherd in his early childhood. He killed Goliath, with a slingshot; united in the followers of King Saul, the first king of Israel. Saul finally became envied David's popularity and reputation with the Israelites and opted to kill him. Saul tried to kill him several times .David had to flee with his followers and hide out from Saul, but when the Israelites were Conquered and Saul died at the hands of the enemies, David was anointed as the King over Judah.

Later, David conquered Ishbosheth Saul’s son, who was the King of the northern ethnic groups of Israel. Afterwards, in his eighth year, David unified all the ethnic groups and turned out to be King of all Israelites. He moved the capital to Jerusalem, and brought the Holy Ark of Covenant in the capital.

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David conquered the Philistines in two crucial battles, at Baal Rephaim and Perazim the Philistines were no longer a solemn menace to Israel. David then conquered, Edom, Moab, Damascus, and Ammon, and they all became under enemy control.

David committed betrayal with Bathsheba and killed her spouse Uriah to his death. For this, God admonished David through Nathan the forecaster, and told David that massacre will be a regular menace to his relatives from that time on. David's first kid by Bathsheba passed away seven days after delivery.

The Israelites were facing the Philistines in the Valley of Elah when David brought food to his elder brothers who are with King Saul. Jesse, David’s father had given David directions like those given to Joseph by Jacob calling for David to look keenly on the wellbeing of his brothers.

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David heard the voice of a giant Goliath challenging the Israelites to propel their own defender to make a decision on the outcome in single battle. Goliath was dressed in scale protective covering. He had been taunting the Israelites for forty days, which is equivalent to Israel's rough country experience throughout the mass departure of forty years proceeding to Joshua's defeat and liberation, making David a kind of new Joshua who would afterwards bring the Israelites. During the time of the subjugation, the Israelites are frightened of a giant in their land. Similarly Goliath is portrayed as a giant and his place of birth.

David went to Saul and told him that he was prepared to approach Goliath since he has killed a lion and a bear. David insisted that he could overcome Goliath. Goliath had also committed blasphemy, a state crime, and David was going to stone him to death.

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Saul permitted him to make the challenge. Saul tried to dress David in his own protective covering but David could not take it. In its place David choose a force and a sling to face up to Goliath. The sling is important for the reason that Saul is from the tribe of Benjamin, and ought to be a good slinger, presumably able to overcome Goliath with a sling, but he did not

David is triumphant, striking Goliath's skull with a stone from his sling "Goliath was wearing clothes like a serpent with his scale protective covering, and he passed away like a serpent, with a head injury, just as the Philistine divinity Dagon had his head trampled. As the Psalm says, all those who adore idols will be like them. The bible relates this to ark of Yahweh how the ark of Yahweh, how it was detained by the Philistines and taken to Dagon's place of worship in Ashdod. The next morning they found the likeness of Dagon lying flat before the ark. They put the image erect, but once more on the dawn of the subsequent day they found it flat before the ark.

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The Philistines fled in fear and the Israelites won a great conquest. David cut off the giant's cranium and took it to Jerusalem, possibly as a caution to the Jebusites who were still ruling there. Saul asked who the young brave man was; and David replied that he was the son of his servant son Jesse of Bethlehem Considerably, Saul is frequently seen holding a spike, Goliath's weapon of preference.

Saul and Jonathan are killed during a fight with the Philistines and David mourns for their death, then goes to Hebron, where was anointed king over Judah; in the northern, Saul tries to rule the ethnic groups of Israel. War arises between Ish-Bosheth and David, in anticipation of Ish-Bosheth is murdered. The murderer brings ahead the head of Ish-Bosheth to David hopeful for compensation, but David executes them for their offense against the Lord's smeared. Nevertheless with the bereavement of the son of Saul, the leaders of Israel came to Hebron, and David, is anointed as King over Judah and Israel.

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David overcomes Jebusite and Jebus stronghold by then called Jerusalem, and made it his principal. Hiram, a king of Tyre sent envoys to David, and cedar trees, also carpenters and masons who build David a residence." David brought the Ark of covenant to Jerusalem, intending to construct a place of worship. God, spoke to the diviner Nathan, prevents it, saying the holy place must stay for a future generation. Although God made an agreement with David, guaranteeing that he would set up the house of David forever.

All through David's time in power, the ark remained in the exhibition area which David had inclined for it and David prepared the Levites to adore there. In the meantime, the assortment tabernacle persisted to function in Gibeon, some six miles northwest of the state. Finally, the ark was brought back together with the rest of the tabernacle furnishings in the place of worship of Solomon.

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David began his take-over with the Philistines to his west. He took Metheg Amma from the Philistines, which almost certainly meant bristle of the mother and controlling the bristle. This might have been Gath. He restrained the Moabites to the east, and then revolved to the north to fight Hadadezer launching a stronghold at Damascus and finally winning the Eldomites to the southThis take-over metaphorically extended to his subjugation to the four corners of the globe and extended his land to those promised to Abraham.

The Moabites disburse compliment to David. He took gold shelter from Hadadeze and bronze from his cities. An additional local ruler, of, hears about David's take-over of Hadadezer and sends compliment to David for conveying his country from Hadadezer. The sculpture taken from the defeat was used in the construction of Solomon’s temple, mainly in casting the sea bronze which sat on the rear of twelve bulls, which represented the sea of states born by the twelve tribes of Israel.

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While David was in consequence living in the exit of his humble shepherd's life, the Lord God was communicating to Samuel about him. He told him to fill the horn with oil sent him to Jesse. He also told him to take a heifer with him and sacrifice to the lord He also told him to invite Jesse to the sacrifice and gave him instructions on what to do. He later told Samuel to anoint David and Samuel did as he was told. The elders of the town shuddered at his coming. The elders acknowledged an invite to the forfeit, and Samuel called also Jesse and his sons. The altar was constructed and the offering was ready. All the families of Jesse were there, with the exemption of David, the youngest son, who had been left to safeguard the sheep, for it was not secure to leave the flocks defenseless.

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When the offering ended, and before sharing of the offering feast, Samuel began his prophetic examination of the noble-appearing sons of Jesse. Eliab was the eldest, and more nearly look like Saul for height and beauty than the others. His comely facial appearance and finely developed form attracted the concentration of the prophet.

David, in the attractiveness and energy of his young manhood, was preparing to take a high situation with the noblest of the world. His talents, as valuable gifts from God, were in work to praise the glory of the heavenly Giver. His chance of contemplation and consideration served to supplement him with that knowledge and goodness that made him dearly loved by God and angels. As he considered the perfections of his inventor, clearer commencement of God, opened before his soul. Incomprehensible matters were illuminated, difficulties were made uncomplicated, perplexities were synchronized, and each ray of new brightness called forward fresh bursts of delight, and sweeter song of praise of loyalty, to the glory of God and the savior. The love that stimulated him, the grief that overwhelmed him, the triumphs that attended him, were all themes for his lively thought; and as he be alleged the love of God in all the providences of his existence, his spirit throbbed with more keen esteem and appreciation, his influence rang out in a better-off melody, his harp was brushed with more jubilant joy; and the marshal boy continued from power to strength, from acquaintance to knowledge; for the strength of the Lord was upon him.











Despite the high position which he was to inhabit, he silently continued his work, satisfied to await the expansion of the Lord's plans in His own time and way. As modest and humble as before his anointing, the marshal boy returned to the hills and watched and protected his flocks as caringly as ever. With new motivation he possessed, his melodies and played leading his harp. Before him, there spread a land of rich and varied attractiveness. The vines, with their clustering fruit, brightened in the daylight. He beheld the sun flooding the superficial room with light, forthcoming onward as a bridegroom out of his cavity and triumph as a muscular man to run a race. There were the brave peaks of the hills triumph toward the sky; in the remote distance rose the infertile cliffs of the peak wall of Moab; above all spread the affectionate blue of the overarching outer space. And ahead of was God. He could possibly not see Him, but His works were full of His honor. The glow of day, gilding forest and mountain, pastures and stream, approved the mind up to observe the Father of lights, the writer of every good and ideal gift.

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David was possibly now about seventy years of age. He was years old when he started to reign, and died in his seventieth year and the dealings mentioned here are hypothetical to have taken place about a year before his death. Sixty-nine was not a higher age; but he had been worn out with various fatigues and particularly family difficulty, so that he was the great admiration conferred upon David did not serve up to elate him.

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