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The New Metropolis

Between the Revolutionary War and 1900, New York became a center of economic, social and political life of the USA. Certainly, as new technology was developed in the Revolution, it made factory organization seem more attractive and hastened the adoption of this organizational form. Nevertheless, it is very important to recognize that many factories" used old technology exclusively, and to realize especially that this was certainly the case for the earliest workshops which predated the new power technology. Industrialization of the region, immigration of rural population and trade relations with Europe opened new opportunities for growth. First, this forces one to look for other causes of the rise of the economy. Second, new labor supply allowed workshops to be treated as a source of technological innovation. Rather than cities being a response to new technology, this new technology was to some degree a result of the creation of a new method of organization suited to new technology. New transpiration means made life of people easy and faster. The most prominent result of this pressure was the development of railways. The USA was one of the countries that underwent an industrial change after England used extensive railway systems (Keller 32).

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Rapid population growth led to such problems as diseases, environmental degradation and poverty. Tons of raw industrial waste was routinely emptied into the river. The waste chemicals from the extensive tanneries and dyeing plants were major culprits, but there were many others. Polluters were supposed to pay the cost of cleansing despoiled land and water and there were no regulations about the treatment of industrial chemicals, but dealing with the waste in an environmentally friendly way wiped out a significant part of conflict (Keller 32). The various industrial and social innovations that occurred during the period were transferred easily to other geographical areas, and most nineteenth century industrial revolutions were fuelled to a large extent by technology. Labor demand changed the composition of society and attracted black people and poor from rural South to New York.

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