Free «Reflection of Vision and Voices» Essay

Reflection of Vision and Voices

Every body has a voice that is created through the observation of the society and an urge to produce some change. Of course the urge and the desire to make a difference does not exist in all, but it does in those who see things optimistically and believe that any thing is possible in the world when one sets a firm foot in the ground. A voice that yearns to bring a change and a vision that sees brightness for many, those are the voices and the visions that are worthwhile to note and bring forward and I believe my story deserves the same which revolves around how I made my idea to benefit the local society turned into a reality through my efforts and I was, hence, successful in raising my voice and sharing my vision.

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My real life experience dates back to my high school a couple of years back when the massive economic downturn shook the world. Being too involved in the world politics, economics, business and world affairs, I observed sharply the markets and the changing environments around me. Out of interest my observation soon took on a deep mode and I began to think what could be done to resolve the financial crisis. The crisis was a worldwide issue and no man could do it individually, but what help could be offered by a single man there was no limit to it. Based on this idea, I discussed the current scenario with my friends, cousins, who were older and studying banking and business administration, as to how the markets can be altered to allow people to benefit in the prolonged recession. I was a kid then, but the responsibility and the urge to make a difference and bring change, soon took strong hold of me and considering the slowed business in my local area, I just had to do something to help. I gathered a few ideas from my meetings with friends and cousins, who then took me to business officials who offered me a deep insight into the business operations. I visit local supermarkets, restaurants, stores, and offices to notice how their businesses were affected and if new opportunities existed. My ideas were vague and unstructured and even if they were worthy how could a single teenager raise the voice enough to be heard throughout the entire town?

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This challenge was soon overcome, when I watched various conferences and summits being held for the matter. That was too large scoped, but the idea presented strength to me. I figured why not arrange a small conference in my area with the help of college graduates, students, and local businesses to set up a platform for discussing business and economic issues that affect the local market and ways of resolving. I encouraged the college graduates to indulge in small research projects based on finding effective solutions based on the town’s operations and the college students to use their present research projects for the sake of helping out businessmen in raising their profits.

Obtaining finance for the conference was a glitch and was done so eventually but with a lot of efforts. I was not alone now; I was accompanied with many who shared the same vision. The conference was finally held in a couple of months and several issues were put forward and solutions were presented by the youth backed with effective research. Solutions ranged from new small business ideas to expanding in the international market. The ideas were well appreciated and as a result, I was interviewed for the local paper of my town, where I was declared as a young leader of ideas in my town, which is an honor held closely by me and justified all my efforts to bring forth my vision and voice.

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