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Nursing Process of Care

Perry Memorial Hospital is a critical access hospital offering emergency services and able to provide lab results online. The hospital is also responsible for tracking patients’ tests, laboratory results, and referrals to the visits electronically. It additionally makes use of an outpatient safe emergency checklist. The hospital does not provide the information regarding the time spent on managing heart attack care. The analysis of specifically oriented approaches, however, has been conducted to demonstrate the average results in Illinois and at the national level (Medical.Gov. Hospital Compare, 2016). When it concerns heart failure patients, the Perry Memorial Hospital introduces 100 % of successful functions and actions adopted for coping with the situation, as compared to 99 % presented both by Illinois and National hospitals.

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The use of medical imaging is also favorably presented by the hospital due to the inclusion of use of emergency activities. Specifically, the services include protecting patients’ safety, such as controlling patients’ exposure to radioactive particles and other risks. The hospital also implements a range of screening tests, which show specific problems, including mammogram. Additionally, the hospital performs an extensive examination of patients to prove the presence of the exact procedures which should be included into the process of care and the ones that are redundant to avoid unnecessary stress and complications. The readmissions and death level coincides with the national one and refers to heart failure, heart attack, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia and stroke, which means that the level of the process of care corresponds the accepted standards at the national level. What is more, the important aspect is that the hospital strives to focus on the individual approach in care. Finally, when it comes to pricing policy, the hospital authorities do not go ahead to raise the cost of the services provided and aim to make the healthcare services provision available to the medium-income population.

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In order to understand the level of hospital services, it is essential to conduct a comparative analysis with other hospitals within an easy reach. For instance, Hocking Valley Community Hospital is also a critical access hospital, which offers emergency services, but it is more technologically challenged and it is not possible to obtain laboratory results electronically and track patients’ results and referrals online (Medical. Gov. Hospital Compare, 2016a). There are also many other unavailable services as compared to Perry Memorial Hospital. While evaluating the survey of patients’ feedback and experiences, it should be admitted that the hospital’s standards are slightly higher than the average results presented in Ohio and nationwide. As a result, it is also necessary to stress that such indicators as communication skills, doctors’ response and the timely provision of assistance and help are at the notably higher level. Comparing the indices with the Perry Memorial Hospital, it has lower indicators when it concerns the timely delivery of services during the night shift. Specifically, Hocking Valley Community Hospital has outperformed Perry Memorial Hospital by 3 %. Nonetheless, both hospitals have sufficient results and conform to the standards of care at the state and national scale. Such outcomes could also be accepted by other states. Furthermore, Hocking Valley Community Hospital has better results regarding managing readmissions and deaths concerning the cases of patients with heart failure, heart attack and COPD patients. Basically, the survey illustrates that heart attack readmissions and death rates are rather insignificant as compared to the national rates, for instance.

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The second important competitor of Perry Memorial Hospital is Katherine Shaw Better Hospital, an acute care hospital, which also provides emergency care and takes part in nursing care registry (Medical. Gov. Hospital Compare, 2016b). The hospital has the capability to keep track of patients’ results electronically, as well as receive electronic data regarding laboratory tests and results. It also utilizes outpatients and inpatients safe surgery checklists. Despite the wider variety of functions and activities, the patients’ experience is still much lower in contrast with the results attained by the Perry Memorial. It largely concerns the communication skills of nurses and physicians. The competitor, however, have higher results on the subject of the control and monitoring of pain management among patients, as well as medicine taking procedures. The hospital has a lower level of the timely management and delivery of help to the patients with pneumonia, embracing only 96 % of the entire number of cases. Despite the lower results, its level corresponds the nationwide results and can be accepted at the national level. The more important factor is that the hospital is able to maintain and promote similar results on readmissions and death rates, in regards to the above-enumerated concerns. Such an approach is good for understanding the way the physicians are skilled to deal with stressful and emergency situations. In summary, the results of the study could also provide the understanding of the importance of using technology and innovation in increasing the quality of healthcare. At this point, the achievements demonstrated by Perry Memorial Hospital are markedly higher. This particularly involves the outpatient CT scans technologies of the abdomen that combine double scans. They amount to 10.7 % of the entire results, whereas Hocking Valley Community Hospital has only 5.3 % (Medical. Gov. Hospital Compare, 2016c; Medical. Gov. Hospital Compare, 2016a).

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With reliance on the above-presented results, it should be emphasized that Perry Memorial has a sufficient level of competitive advantages to become a popular and accepted healthcare institution among the hospitals in the explored region because of the availability of high-quality services and the development of new approaches to managing the scientific tests. Screening and mammography are also at a noticeably more advanced level compared to the formerly identified competitors. In addition to this, the hospital has an individualized approach while managing patients, accentuating attention on communication and teamwork skills as they are important for meeting patients’ needs and concerns. Patient-oriented experience shapes the overall landscape and atmosphere in the hospital, creating favorable terms and conditions for enhancing the recovery process. Nurses and doctors do everything possible to reach patients’ safety and enrich the high standard research-evidence practices within the medical establishment. Such a scientific approach could also be helpful for understanding the major pitfalls of management.

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Despite the evident advantages in reporting data sets, there are still certain disadvantages manifested in absent fields and gaps in management, particularly when it comes to managing such emergency situation as heart failure and heart attack. Such cases require the timely delivery of help, good coordination of actions and professionalism on the part of managers, healthcare providers, healthcare physicians and the nursing team. The holistic approach to management is required to avoid delays because each minute is worth a human life. The innovations and technological advances are to be concerned with the management and control of such issues as time management and flexibility (Rich, Singleton, & Wadhwa, 2013). The readiness of the staff to dislocate and distribute responsibilities in case of unexpected situation is of paramount importance. In general, Perry Memorial is a reputable and highly qualified establishment with experienced personnel and high indices in terms of patients’ experience, technology and pricing values. This institution can therefore be exemplified as the case when price and quality fully coincide.

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In conclusion, it should be underlined that Perry Memorial Hospital is a highly-skilled, experienced and markedly reputable medical establishment providing timely emergency services and promoting a high level of electronic reports and data about their patients. Communication and collaboration are among the prioritized aspects of healthcare at the hospital, paying sufficient attention to patients’ needs, requirements and concerns. The value and pricing policy also corresponds the quality of management and service provision, as well as to the level of feedback and response to the emergent situation. Finally, the hospital has a sufficient level of the management of emergency situations supplemented with the wide use of technologies and innovation, surpassing in performance the results of other competitors, such as Katherine Shaw Better Hospital and Hocking Valley community hospital. All these indices prove once again that such aspects as time management, the quality of care, technological advancement and collaborative approach are among the most significant issues contributing to the reputation and high standards of emergency services and healthcare provision of the institution investigated.

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