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MLK Critical Analysis

Question 1

Morality and sobriety in the society form the basic foundation of valuable interaction and development. Different societies have divergent ethical and moral frameworks that serve as the basic guidelines in a civilized society. The Birmingham society in the movie Selma and the Letter on MLK Birmingham Jail serves as a perfect specimen of a society bound by specific morals and ethical frameworks in an effort to lead a civilized and self-sustained life (King, 1994). The black race in this society has been subjected to subordination and discrimination by the aboriginal white culture. According to Fred Shuttlesworth, the Prime Minister of Birmingham and a member of the SCLC movement, the best thing for the society is to sustain the status quo in the socio-political environment (King, 1994). His sentiments and strategies were, however, deemed obsolete and primitive by the elite.

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The Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights (ACMFC) stands at the helm of the much needed ethical and moral framework needed for the change in the Birmingham society. Changes in the ethical and moral frameworks, therefore, commence from the existence of autonomy of thought in the understanding of a particular subject (Bass, 2001). As the wealthiest city in Alabama, Birmingham consists of the elite, which promotes segregation from the administrative side.

Segregationists, such as the immediate police chief Mr. Eugene, popularly known as a ‘bull’, explains the level of discrimination in Birmingham (King, 1994). The Black race, however, accepts the challenge of segregation positively and hence formulates anti-segregation movements, such as the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights, with an objective of addressing the topic of equity among the human races. Change, therefore, begins with the establishment of the primitive ethical and moral frameworks, followed by a brave effort to challenge the primitive principles with the objective of changing moral standards in the society (Bass, 2001).

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Question 2

Incumbent leadership regimes are quite rebellious to changes. When the style of governance of an incumbent government is questioned, then these leaders develop intense insecurity (Reider, 2013). This insecurity creates the urge to shut down the so-called “revolutionists” responsible for the challenges. The obsession of the white with power race in the case of Birmingham serves as a perfect example of how the sitting administration reacts to the wave of changing leadership approaches (Bass, 2001). The government in this particular society is not supportive of the efforts to make Birmingham a democratic state. On the contrary, it uses the power and authority vested upon it to intimidate the efforts of the human rights activists (Bass, 2001).

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Blackmail and the use of underhand methods to counter the wave of change are hugely applied by the incumbent regimes (King, 1994). For instance, in the case of Birmingham, the King and a few members of the incumbent government developed underhand methods to manipulate the naïve members of the society to oppose the changes advocated for by the human rights activists. Change is inevitable in every society (Reider, 2013). Nonetheless, it is of great significance to note that the pioneers of change are martyrs who risk their lives for the overall wellbeing of the society. Despite the challenges and intimidations faced by the black human activists in the case of Birmingham, they were determined to change the leadership structure from a race-based power battle to a quality-based competitive leadership style of governance. Apparently, in such battles, there is massive intimidation and suffering of the change pioneers from the hands of the authoritarian leaders.

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Question 3

The meeting held in March by King, Ralph Abernathy and other members of the society marked a very important step towards the much needed change in the Birmingham’s culture (King, 1994). As a result of this meeting, volunteers were inducted to criticize the incumbent style of governance. Therefore, the social change strategy is a progressive process that cannot be achieved at once.

The genesis of social change must originate from a specific individual or group of people who deem the present style of governance as exploitative. King, Ralph and the members of the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights represent the pioneers of social change in the Birmingham society (Bass, 2001). Since the changes advocated in this social campaign impact the lives of the locals directly, it is important to incorporate all members of the society in developing the social change plans. This process also comes with uncertainties and risks to the founders as well as the supporters.

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42 protestors were arrested in the first demonstration at the city hall (King, 1994). This is a perfect example of the challenges that the pioneers and supporters of social change are faced with. The determination of founders, nonetheless, cannot stay unnoticed. The jails in Birmingham were filled, yet the demonstrations never seized. Such determination forms a very important point in a change process. Leadership is of paramount value in any sphere of life. King, Ralph and the leaders of ACMHR take the leadership portfolio in the society that requires change. It is such bravery that aids with developing social change strategies that alter the state of affairs and governance.

Question 4

Changes come with different impacts that either weaken or strengthen the society. After noticing that the revolutionary wing in the society had accumulated relative synergy, the incumbent government set specific regulations prohibiting some rights and freedoms (King, 1994). Demonstrations were never legal in Birmingham. Such regulations weaken the societal bond between the opposition leaders and the local populace. By jailing 42 demonstrators, the incumbent government cautioned the rest of the society against engaging in the democratic rights of the public in a free state. The support of positive leadership ideology gives everyone freedom and opportunity to condemn or recommend the style of leadership practiced by a particular government (Bass, 2001).

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Changes, nonetheless, tend to have massive benefits for the society. The struggle for equity and prudent leadership strategies endured by the opposition leaders, such as King, play an important role in the strengthening of a society (Reider, 2013). It is the determination of human rights activists that healed the Birmingham society. Success is a hard fought battle that requires dedication and determination not only from the leaders, but also from the native society.

Fortunately, now the Birmingham society is enjoying the fruits of determination and persistence (Bass, 2001). After the authorities filled all the jails with demonstrators, the demonstrations still kept on being stronger. The unity of the local society brought freedom to their jailed relatives and as well brought the freedom of governance, where leadership was not determined on the racial grounds. The Birmingham society is liberated from racial governance and enjoys a democratic leadership, where everyone in the society has an equal chance for prosperity.

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Question 5(a)

This writing has been motivated by the need for equity between the black and white races. The racial divide syndrome has for long been mutilating the productivity of the Birmingham society. This writing, therefore, serves as the much needed feasibility test on the impacts of change, not only in the Birmingham’s case, but also the impacts of change across the globe. It is an exclusive coverage of the social change processes that form significant parts of the human development.

Question 5(b)

The goal of this writing is to explain the social change process in a nonpartisan structure. It is an exposure of the changes that are bound to happen in the socio-political lifestyles. The consequences of change are explicitly explained from both positive and negative angles. It is a writing that educates every one of their responsibility in governance. It serves both the educative and informative roles effectively. The storyline has been developed based on the real life experience of the Birmingham society, which serves as an important lesson to other societies across the globe.

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Question 5(c).

The current economic issues across the globe have apparent reference to this movie. The economic health of a specific nation is greatly determined by the style of governance upheld by its government. Government plays the control role in the economy in the modern world. The movie depicts a society whose economic health has been held captive by the central authority. Just like the case in the movie, social change is still a reality in the modern day world. It is for such reasons that this movie and its reviews are still very important even in the complex modern world.

Selma and the Letter on MLK Birmingham Jail is a masterpiece from an extraordinary author and human activist. It has been developed in an exclusive manner that not only brings out the complexity of governance in the case of the Birmingham society, but also the complexity of global leadership strategies. This is one of the most interesting movies based on real life experienced in the history of global entertainment.

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