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Analysis Paper about Mint

Background and Hypothesis

Traditionally, mint has been perceived as a cooling agent due to the corresponding effect it has when placed in the mouth. In fact, mint is a flowering herb of different types which grows in cool and moist shady areas. Most products made of mint such as gum and breath fresheners are often advertised to have a cooling effect. Therefore, this scientific experiment aims to prove whether the feeling of freshness produced by the mint is a result of temperature decrease. The hypothesis of the experiment is that it is expected that the temperature will not decrease since the agent which provokes such sensation has vegetative origin. Consequently, the sensation that is felt in the mouth while eating mint gum or candy can be referred to simple thermal illusion which emanates from the stimuli that are felt by the sensory receptors. In this regard, it is expected that mint being placed in the glass of water will not cool it down since it is just a sensation.

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Result 1

The first experiment involved Mentos candies being placed in hot water. In fact, after five minutes, there was no difference in temperatures with the control experiment that had no Mentos. The temperature that was recorded after this period was the same, namely 125 degrees Celsius for the water that had Mentos and for the one that lacked it. The temperature was recorded in every five minutes, and it was concluded that the hot water with Mentos candy had a slightly lower temperature than the control experiment. The difference in temperature between the two jars of hot water was ranging between 3 and 2 degrees with the highest range being 8 degrees which were recorded after the first ten minutes of the experiment. The temperatures recorded further had a range of 2 degrees for the next fifteen minutes and a range of 3 degrees for the last ten minutes of the experiment.

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Result 2

In the following experiment, Mentos was placed in "table" and orange juice with respective controls. Further, it was found out that the Mentos had no affect whatsoever on the temperature of both the "table" and the orange juice. The recorded temperatures for the "table" and the orange juice, as well as their controls, were equal during the whole experiment. 

Result 3

Lastly, when Mentos was placed in warm water with its control experiment, there was a slight difference in temperature that was recorded after the first ten minutes. Within the first five minutes of the experiment, the temperatures recorded were equal for both the control and the experiment. After ten minutes there was a difference of 2 degrees and subsequently a difference of one degree for the next 30 minutes of the experiment.

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Result 1

When Mentos is placed in hot water, initially there is no difference in the temperature recorded as compared to the hot water with no Mentos in it. Therefore, it is a clear indication that Mentos had no effect on the temperature of the water and, therefore, it has no cooling effect which proves the hypothesis of the experiment. The sensation that Mentos has in the mouth is due to the sensory neurons which are present in the skin that regulates the ion flow between the membranes of the cell. The cold temperatures in the mouth emanate from Na+ and Ca2+ ions being able to enter the nerve cell and, therefore, altering the electric potential which leads to a signal to the brain which makes an interpretation of cold. However, a slight difference was recorded after some time in the experiment with the water having Mentos having a bit higher temperature than the control. As much as the reduction in temperature in the mouth is a sensation, the difference in temperatures could be due to experimental errors or the difference in movement of the thermometer which might have caused a convention effect leading to an increase in temperatures.

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Result 2

Mentos has no effect on the temperature of "table: and the orange juice as the temperature did not change at any single instant during the experiment. This can be explained by the fact that "table" and the orange juice lacks receptors which the Mentos can bind to. Mentos has an organic compound known as menthol which binds to the neuron receptors which creates the transfer of ions giving a perception of the receptor being exposed to cold and therefore signaling information of reduced temperature in the mouth to the brain.

Result 3

When Mentos is placed in warm water, there is no difference in temperature for the first few minutes but a slight change in temperature is recorded. However, Mentos has no effect on temperature, and the slight change can be attributed to either experimental errors or the difference in the degree of stirring by the thermometer. At the same time, the difference in the temperature is negligible and cannot be caused by the Mentos.

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The experiment was conducted to test whether mint has a cooling effect on the temperature of hot water. The mint was placed in hot water and the temperature compared to the control experiment which had no mint in it. The same was done to warm water, orange juice and "table". In all the experiments the temperature was compared but no significant change in temperature was recorded. Therefore, it is concluded that mint has no cooling effect on the temperature of the water.

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