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The Common Core State Standards

The main idea of the article is the common core state standards. The standards are meant to provide clear, precise and consistent learning objectives that will help the students prepare for college, career and the entire life (California department of education, 2013). The idea of common core standards in the article has been opposed. Those opposed to the idea, for example, the Douglas County Educators, are neither against big money that will be involved in the implementation nor local control.

To support the idea of why common core standards should be opposed, Elizabeth Celania-Fagen, the district superintendent, cites an example of language arts. She says that, for example, as the case is with the language arts, the highest level will be for a student to show that he/she is able to compare and contrast. According to Celania-Fagen, just as the language arts aim to teach a student on how to compare and contrast, the core standards also aim at helping the student to achieve the set objectives. Celania-Fagen appreciates that though comparing and contrasting is an achievement once a student has studied the languages, it should not be seen as the topmost information that he/she can gain. There is still room for a student to learn. It also applies to the standard core standards. It is good for them to be in place but they should not be viewed as the best and highest knowledge one can gain.

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To ascertain the importance of common core standards, the district curriculum coordinators and teachers reviewed and rated the level of thinking for common core standards. Upon analysis, they found out that most of the common core standards were at the bottom of higher skill thought. Instead of implementing the common core standards, the district has considered integrating the learning process. In addition, students show that they can construct a meaningful argument and think.

Celania-Fagen also notes that the common core standards in addition lack the current learning techniques like teaching students on how to be innovative, think globally and critically. To show their dissatisfaction with common core standards, the Douglas County School District Board of Education resolved that the common core is not vital enough. As a result, the district requested to be exempted from common core tests in order for it to provide tests that reflect the district’s higher standards. Celania-Fagen reports that the common core standards are not mandated by the federal government but their eligibility is essential for budgeting. She cites an example of a social study teacher, Gina Landis. Instead of the teacher allowing students to study the existing information in history and reproduce it, she asks her students to evaluate the information in the context of the modern civilization.

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In summary, the article is about the common core standards. The standards aim at setting up the goals and targets that a given student needs to achieve while undergoing training at the college level. Such standards are set to enable students to develop their career and lead a better life in future. Unfortunately, the article is against the idea of common core standards. Those opposed to the idea compare the common core standards with language arts. They believe that if specific goals and objectives are set up for students to achieve, they will tend to concentrate on achieving them and fail to expand their knowledge. As a result, the students will be narrow-minded and will not be able to deal with life challenges. The article therefore suggests that schools should be allowed to formulate to set their own standards and work towards achieving them.

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Despite of opposition to the common core standards, I find it necessary. Common core standards are the key in regulating and evaluating what our students know. We do not expect students from the same country who have gone through the same education system to have wide varied knowledge. Common core state standards provide clear and consistent goals that enable students to prepare for college, career and life in general. There is some basic information that anyone going to school needs to know and have. Such information is essential not just for the development of one’s career but also for life. Therefore, there is a need for any country to have common core state standards (Common Core Standard Initiative, 2012).

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The common core state standards show clearly what students are expected to know at each level. It will allow not only their teachers but also their parents to understand what is supposed to be covered at each stage and help accordingly. Contrary to what the article is presenting, the standards focus mainly on the core values and procedures starting from the early stages of life, which gives the teacher time required to teach them. Students also get enough time to master what is thought in case of common core state standards.

It should be understood that the common core state standards are drawn from international models. The standards provide a blueprint from the kindergarten up to the college life. State departments and all other relevant stakeholders are involved in formulating of the standards. As such, it should not be written off since the experts are involved. Besides, the standards are uniform in all the states. It acts as a benchmark for all schools, colleges and among other learning institutions. The mastery of such standards is the key for success not only in the college life but also in career and global economy.

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In summary, common core state standards are essential as they act as a guideline to schools. As a result, they should be enforced and applicable in all states. However, schools should also be allowed to alter the guidelines by adding in details they deem are essential for success of the child in later life. Such schools should do it basing on the available common core state standards.

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