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Role Play

Student: (harshly) Morning,

Counselor: (Amazed) Morning, although the door is open, why didn`t you knock? What has happened Jude? You are the best student in this school! You may have a seat. Is someone following you? What is the matter? Why are you nervous? You should be in class…

Student: (with a gloomy face). No one is following me, I’m tired of my life, I know, I need your help. I have not been concentrating in class of late. Thereby, it has been affecting my grades negatively. Yesterday I had a bad encounter with my parents and teacher because my grade dropped in our last exams. Even my friends no longer understand me (sighs), you know what? It is as if everyone hates me! For sure, nothing is working out well with me now, nothing!

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Counselor: Cheer up Jude. (With a smile) People only misunderstand you, but not hate you. I will help you overcome your fears, but first, narrate what transpired and how it started. What happened to the calm, composed, hardworking, and diligent Jude I knew? Now that you are calm, tell me, what do you think is causing the lack of concentration? Has anyone tried to demoralize you? (Silence)… Answer me Jude. When did it all start?

Student: It started… all started last term when I began gaining weight. I have not been overeating, but I look shapeless. My classmates are calling me names. Some are saying that I resemble a woman; even Juliana, my childhood friend, has been avoiding me because she thinks I’m obese. My parents do not understand me too, and when I fail to eat, they shout at me. I feel that I look bad. I have tried to exercise, but no improvements yet! I cannot even think straight. Only God knows what I am going through (With tears rolling down his cheeks).

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Counselor: (Sigh) (passing a handkerchief) Wipe your tears. I’m very sorry Jude, I understand how you feel. I am also shabby, but it does not mean I’m shapeless; it started back in high school, and I have not changed much. Trust me, people will always undermine your confidence with their talks, you have to develop a way of building your self-esteem after such hurts. You have to move on like Joel, he is even bigger than you are and has six fingers instead of five. You are the one who is failing the exam, not them. As hard as it is to move on, you have to. No one knows what your future holds. Come on Jude, you are a handsome man; I think those boys are envious of you. There are beautiful girls out there, who love you, but first concentrate on your studies in order to have a good future. I know your dad, is he not fat?  However, he is doing very well. So do yourself a favor and forget how you look. You are a Christian; the Bible says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. For that reason, take that verse and try to be in the company of people who appreciate you and make you feel better. You can overcome this. You are a strong man!

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 Student: (nods his head with a smile) Yes. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank you so much. You are wonderful; I knew I could count on you. Thanks once again (Shakes counselor’s hand, leaves joyfully and closes the door).

Part Two: Reflection

Counseling theory helps students attain their career goals through preparation. It is not an easy task, though important for a counselor to make the student understand and perceive things from their point of view. It becomes helpful since the learner’s mind is already fixed on disappointment and cannot find sense in anything else. In the role-play, a number of strengths emerge. First, the student has the courage to go and seek help from the counselor with an issue that many can keep to themselves because it relates to their look. Secondly, the counselor received the student well and gave him time to express his feelings without interrupting. Additionally, the counselor managed to cool Jude down through affection and friendly attitude. It made him more receptive towards what the counselor said since he realized that someone understood him from experience. On the other hand, the counselor identified Jude’s problem and gave an ideal advice. Strength is also reflected by how the counselor praises the student. The counselor tries to persuade Jude that he is handsome, diligent, composed, and others are envious of him. This praise goes a long way as an intervention since Jude feels valued and wonderfully made. Therefore, as he leaves the office, he is convinced that the stress is not worth it.

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In some areas, improvement is needed. For instance, there was the lack of good manners; Jude entered the office without knocking. Moreover, the counselor did not tell him that this is necessary to observe despite undergoing a hurtful period. He should have also advised him on the dangers of ignoring small details, particularly when it concerns behavior.

In the role play, behavioral theoretical point of reference is evident. The counselor was interested in knowing what makes Jude’s behavior changes so that he could identify the cause of his poor performance. He is concerned about the cause of lack of concentration, and in turn expresses the problems such as holding the opinion that everyone hates him.

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The methods used to analyze Jude’s problem were probing and reality therapy. The counselor probes the student in order to know the problem from the cause. He used reality theory when he told Jude that if he failed to concentrate, he would fail while others passed. Moreover, there was strong evidence from the Bible that he is wonderfully and fearfully made. Thus, the counselor makes him understand why he needs to move forward. These methods are important in the sense that probing gives way to identifying the cause of the problem, whereas reality therapy helps the student understand his condition is common to many people.

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