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Environmental Concerns

Environmental; concerns have been defined broadly to include those factors that affect human health, ecosystems, natural resources or the global environment (National Research Council (U.S.) Committee on Research Opportunities and Priorities for EAP 13). Discern for environmental concern was demonstrated towards the end of the twentieth century, which was characterized by unprecedented growth and development (Khoshoo 36). Research shows that the rise of environmental concerns comes from the past mistakes of over utilization of natural resources and the harnessing of forces of nature for the benefit of the increasing human population (Khoshoo 36).

In definition, environment is the resource comprising land and all that it contains on the surface and beneath, water and the life it supports and air (Khoshoo 36). The importance of environment cannot be assumed at individual, national and global context. Environmental Concerns and Strategies states that “governments should deploy resource components of the environment for efficient development and for optimum benefits to all and for enhanced quality of life and the environment” (36). Khoshoo also says that everyone should be concerned with wise management of resources which is synonymous with environmental management (37). He thus says that governments play a vital role in environmental management and conservation because it manages the security and sovereignty of land and water holdings and airspace (Khoshoo 37).

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Studies show that environment has considerable resilience and that it normally bounces back to near its pristine state if left alone (Khoshoo 38). The book Environmental Concerns and Strategies argues that “the environment management should aim to conserve what needs to be conserved, protect what needs to be protected and at the same time regulate the utilization of natural resources to acceptable limits (38)”.

According to Environmental Concerns and Strategies the ever increasing population with aspiration for a quality of life is placing a tremendous stress on all that the environment can provide (36). An evidence of this environmental concern is seen in the spread of desertification, soil maladies, floods and droughts, urban congestion, threat to countless species of plants and animals that make the eco-system (Khoshoo 36). This is also demonstrated in the ubiquitous pollution of land, water and air.

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On the other hand Building a foundation for sound environmental decisions 10th ed maintains that “a promising approach is to identify and address the important current and emerging environmental issues” (16). It also says that in the long run it is important to seek and understand the key processes that drive and connect environmental systems. The insights which are gained from the efforts of environmental conservation and management may then be applied to many categories of current and future environmental issues.

Historically many of the environmental concerns have been directed towards solving immediate problems (National Research Council (U.S.) Committee on Research Opportunities and Priorities for EAP 16). In its further research the committee continues to indicate that progress in solving fairly specific environmental problems will benefit by recognizing that the enhancement of underlying knowledge, data and research techniques which can help to address many related problems. Building a foundation for sound environmental decisions 10th e.d. noted “that many of the environmental problems are symptoms of human induced disruption in underlying high complex environmental systems” (16).

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Environmental concern should address issues related to atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere and the interactions of all these with human populations (National Research Council (U.S.) Committee on Research Opportunities and Priorities for EAP 18). In addition Building a foundation for sound environmental decisions 10th ed says that environmental concern should also stand for “environmental impacts on biological systems and human health and at the same time address which processes underpin technological systems designed to prevent environmental degradation” (16). Sociological and economic processes that influence human behavior and environmental protection strategies should be addressed in environmental concerns.

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Environment protection according to The Development Review of agricultural policies: Bulgaria “should be declared to be a priority in most of the government programs” (123). In developing countries the implementation of activities related to environment has been affected by lack of adequate resources (Centre for Co-operation with Non-members, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development 123). Ryding established that in order to adequately address the issues of environmental concerns new initiatives must be taken for inclusion in almost all the aspects related to a common strategy for protection of the environment (694). This should be within the framework of a global master plan on environment management and development (Ryding 694).

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Ryding continues to say that even though some progress has been achieved in the common efforts to safeguard the environment, the work must accelerate in a coordinated and organized way to achieve optimum results (694). He also says that environmental concerns must unite all in a bond better social behavior. The Environmental management handbook says that “the protection of environment depends as much on the philosophy of individuals as it does on technical, scientific and political abilities” (695).

In order for individuals to be able to play a significant role in environmental protection Ryding says that sound universal policies must be applied jointly by all those actively taking part in the process and they should include among others: scientist, public, trade unions, non-governmental organizations, companies and agencies at the authority, national and governmental levels as well as the media (695). This trait seeks to create awareness that every party has a role to play in preserving the environment. Environmental concern has become an issue of great political importance and therefore safeguarding global environmental stability has been pushed to the top of many political agendas with the sudden upsurge in concern over our common future (Ryding 695).

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In conclusion Ryding says that tomorrow’s environmental problems should not be left to industrial, institutional and governmental apprehension (696). Instead environmental management, development and conservation should involve business initiatives to a large extent through market pressures based on changing life styles and consumption patterns of human beings. It is important to note that there should also be a growing awareness that environmental crisis is a question of public life style and therefore a workable policy should be developed, penetrating deep into society’s behaviors and aspirations.

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