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Multi-National Cooperation

A Multi-National Cooperation (MNC) usually has a diversified line of businesses all over the world rather than in its country (Blanca, 2007). For effective operation and unity of its substituents, the cooperation ought to employ a strategy as proposed to the virtual team leading practices. These practices should aim at creating a well-informed management system that is aware of all the practices in the entire region. In this case, the most effective virtual team learning practice is to maintain trust through the use of effective communication technology. Focus should be laid on the best mode of passing information, the incorporation of technology in passing the information and restricting the information passed to the relevant members. With the implementation of this practice, certain leadership practices should be taken that incorporate the political, economic, and technological wellbeing.

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One of the leadership actions that can be taken would be nurturing the values of the organization and the rules of operation in all communication systems. Proper communication in an organization spurns a whole range of individuals from employees to customers. This system should be responsive to the customer’s requests and complaints. Other than the use of personnel to gather information, the organization should employ technology in carrying out surveys such as during market research and getting customer’s feedbacks (Cherunilam, 2008). This is the most effective way through which the company can get the true picture of what the customers feel about them and the services they render. It is more economical compared to sending out personnel to carry out research. The information collected is also more accurate since there will be no likelihood of interference with the information.

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In terms of the internal structure, the management should encourage a more practical face-to-face communication mode. This impacts positively the employees’ response to work and ultimately creates a positive working environment. The management should conduct coaching of the staff on the application of technology in a respectful way which portrays respect from the most senior to most the junior employees. Technology should be incorporated in conveying information from one department to another. This information should be availed to a centralize system which controls all the information sent to the different departments. It is through this system that information is sieved to the relevant departments. Coaching of the staff encourages knowledge sharing in the organization hence ensuring employees’ awareness of their working environment. Respect among the staff and the employees allows members to feel free to choose on their areas of expertise. Centralized mode of communication enables the management to know the activities being undertaken in all the departments not only within the organization but within the entire organization (Blanca, 2007). The adoption of technology, therefore, enhances easy flow of information irrespective of the distance, and thus makes it easier to track and control all the processes that are taking place.

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In the management of virtual teams, there is a need to maintain clarity and inspiration when dealing with shared goals, expectations from the team members, the objectives, and meeting the vision. These goals can only be facilitated through the use of the effective communication. It should be further understood that effective communication is made possible through the use of an appropriate technology. The use of technology in managing communication across the virtual teams is critical for the successful management of the established virtual team. The most fundamental aspect of technology at this juncture is diversity. Technology makes it possible to create a solid virtual team; a team that transcends organization’s expectations at all times. An MNC should carry out a comprehensive study on the different forms of communication that technology provides before settling on one. This enables the organization to settle on a communication technology that is not likely to be declared obsolete after a short span of time.

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Effective communication as a tool of enhancing efficiency virtual teams for MNCs enables members of a virtual team to confidently use the selected communication technology. MNCs establish virtual teams in order to achieve a certain advantage in the competitive industry in which they operate. This competitive advantage is achieved when the virtual teams are fully conscious of what the organization expects from them. It is, therefore, significant that organizations adopt a communication technology that is easy to adapt to. Through the application of technology, it is easier to improve the usability of the communication technology that the organization chooses. It is uneconomical for an MNC to keep switching from one communication technology to another. This would further increase confusion and lower confidence of the virtual team members, especially when faced with a technology that is not familiar.

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Coordination of the virtual teams is essential for the success of MNCs. It is through coordination of activities that the management of virtual teams is facilitated. There are no two ways of achieving efficiency in coordinating the various activities that different members of a virtual team undertake; the technology applied in communication is the answer. Technology enhances different facets of communication. Through technology, virtual face-to-face communication is possible. This is one of the forms of communication through which, when embraced by MNCs, coordination of virtual teams is achieved. Once coordination is achieved, cohesive virtual teams arise since the members of the virtual teams get to interact better.

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In conclusion, it is critical to underscore the role of effective communication as a corner stone to the success of virtual teams in MNCs. Effective communication is achievable when the organization invests in the right technology of communication. A superb communication technology is one that the members of a virtual team easily subscribe to and which gets their support.

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