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Job Prospects

What data exists on job prospects, both locally and nationally? What are the trends?

Job prospects refer to a line of technique available to some person with some combination of knowledge, skills and qualifications. This refers to expectations of the availability of a job, as well as the probability of a person getting it. Employment, as well as earnings data, exists in the job prospects. There is a body in place - the Wage Records Interchange System - meant to gauge employment, salaries and wage rate data on students who have just graduated from higher learning institutions. Industry analysis data, strategic and tactical guidance data and market data are provided in the national data, as well as employment benefits, retirement age, and overtime and bonus terms.

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The current job crisis is mainly caused by unemployment, which has brought along with it the trend of job creation, whereby people invent or innovate new jobs; the so-called self-employment (International Labor Organizations, 2012)

In addition to this, more employers are seeking fresh graduates who can work more hours at a lower rate. Advance child care and medical care scheme information are required from every prospective employee. Many employees also have to accustom themselves to the ever-dynamic technology, as well as acquire multiple skills.

Does one aspect of the field appear to have better prospects than others?

Taking an example of the information technology job prospects, a software architect has better prospects than a database administrator; however, it all depends on the technique used in ranking. This has been ranked by the pay scale in terms of scale of payment and standards of living of people who hold the jobs in question. In other cases, the ranking could be based on employees’ welfare, such as available medical care and insurance schemes.

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In terms of job satisfaction, an employee could view a low-paid job as giving more satisfaction than a well-paid one. In some of the jobs that reward highly in monetary terms, employees work under pressure to meet the ever-existing deadlines. In fact, people have always quit better paying jobs to settle for lesser paying jobs, which they see as giving more job satisfaction. Another reason for this is employers having high expectations, since they pay their workers high salaries; normal or average performance by the employee would then mean underperformance on the employer’s side.

What steps can a student take to ensure the best preparation for the job market?

A student should always keep in touch with information on jobs from multiple sources, such as journals, the Internet, prospective employees and magazines. This includes reading, communicating and interacting with potential employers and attending career talks.

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Many critics in the United States believe that the main problem in the public education has always been the failure to focus on the results. High standards are not expected from students. This has led to the production of poorly skilled experts in the job market.

Then, using the web and one of the guide-to-the-guides, plan a strategy for researching your topic.

Job Prospects Strategy Plan

Review or develop mission and vision: The vision is to target and achieve all my job prospects successfully. The mission is using the web and other relevant sources to achieve my job prospects targets.

SWOT analysis: This means strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis. An example is cutting down on the expectation of unreasonable salaries.

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Develop and select strategic options: This involves developing alternatives such that option ‘B’ can be adopted if ‘A’ fails.

Establish strategic objectives: To be the best-performing software engineer within a year of employment is one of such objectives.

Strategy execution plan: How one is going to achieve his or her job prospects; for example, by approaching employees per unit area.

Establish resource allocation: Allocate your resources evenly to avoid an overload in one area that could fail.

Execution review: Revising all the steps to see if expectations have been met and controlling adversities. 

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