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The Corporation

CEO Ray Anderson had consistently and intimately elaborated on the need for his company to achieve sustainability. He however admits a myopic view of what it really meant to achieve sustainability based on the fact that queries were arising concerning his company’s role in regard to the environment. The objective according to Anderson is to take nothing from earth that in not non renewable nor natural thereby eliminating any harm to the biosphere.

It therefore would not just involve preventing further damage but striving to restore the natural systems. Because industry according to Anderson was the biggest culprit in the downward trend of the biosphere. This means that the burden rests on the business and industrial processes to take the lead in the restoration process. The death of birth as describing the species extinction paralleled a notion in Anderson’s mind relating to the extinction of the biosphere (Hawken 1994).

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Therefore to this end Anderson began to understand that he was the earth’s plunderer possibly to its extinction. With this understanding Anderson’s mindset considerably changed providing a new understanding to sustainability that would transcend up to the way he views the world and does business. In order to achieve this paradigm shift Anderson realized that a number of business and industrial practices were necessary. First and foremost there was need to there is need not just to reduce waste but to eliminate it. This would be achieved by eliminating every standard okay allowance for waste and gear towards perfection.

Secondly it became imperative to analyze emissions from every business and industrial process in order to ensure that it was harmless to the earth. This is seemingly an enormous task that according to Anderson requires a change of mind to embrace processes and products that have zero level emissions. Anderson continues to propose and advocate renewable energy as the third most important factor. Accordingly businesses and industrial processes need to focus on ways of reducing energy usage to its irreducible minimum. Establishing sustainable recycling processes by considering what Anderson calls the technical loop where one organism’s waste is another’s food also stands out as an important fact in the ecology of commerce.

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Anderson’s fifth aspect in enhancing sustainability would involve investing in afforestation and re-afforestation to help establish the natural equilibrium resulting from excessive carbon dioxide emitted during massive transportation processes we engage in.

The sixth factor to consider in attaining sustainability according to Anderson would involve most importantly sensitizing all the community through deliberate education by companies. This education according to the CEO would target customers and suppliers alike including government agencies as well. The final aspect in Anderson’s sustainability check list would involve service economy for all products, where the service products deliver is preferred over their durability which in essence is the furtherance of an evergreen agreement. This will entail getting back products from customers when their service expires and being able to re-inject life in them the whole aspect behind recyclable products.

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In essence Ray Anderson encounter with the death of birth phrase in the ecology of commerce resulted in the re-orientation of his mindset as regards sustainability and has resulted in business and industrial practices that have presently caused a total business and industrial revolution affecting the way companies view the world and conduct business today. Therefore understanding that a business is like an organism and that the dynamics of a business as paralleling how organisms relate in nature we can effectively add value to the aspect of sustainability

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