Free «A Comparative Analysis of National and Regional Quality Awards» Essay

A Comparative Analysis of National and Regional Quality Awards


The 1980s is when quality as a majority of organizations knew it changed; many countries turned to it in order to be the best in the market. As a result, a lot of implementations of quality strategic structures and many measures were taken by organizations to cope up with competition. However, the change was not entirely new since quality award programs were already being continuously implemented in some countries. The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award was formed in America at that time; it objectively provided a model that reflected improvement and understanding of quality management. In 1988, major companies in Europe formed European Quality Award, which was a regional award that involved 16 countries, unlike other awards. Continuous analysis of feedbacks from applicants and constant adjustment made its quality improve (Vokurka, Standing, & Brazeal, 2000). And in Australia, Australian Quality Award was formed in 1993. It measures quality performance in seven criteria categories that have a big effect on quality of products. Earlier, Japan had formed Deming Award in 1951. The awards evaluation included 10 equally weighed points that each applicant must address. Lastly, there is the Canadian Quality Award; it originated in 1984 and revised in 1989; It relies on a continuous improvement guide named The Road to Excellence (Vokurka, Standing, & Brazeal, 2000).

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Key Learning Points

As I went through the quality awards and familiarized myself with them, I personally gathered certain key points. Starting with the Australian Quality Award and the Canadian version, I saw how Canadian organizations were encouraged positively by the National Quality Institute by honoring them with the reward due to continuous practice of quality improvement. In the Australian Quality Award, they had seven categories of criteria namely leadership, people, information, analysis, strategy, policy and planning categories. This had a great link between the people and leadership. The Singapore’s Deming Award is really encouraging in the context where private and public organizations are honored for their success in the implementation of quality control activities. The Deming Award, furthermore, does not provide a framework model for prioritizing and organizing criteria like other awards but it has in its evaluation 10 equally weighted points that must be addressed by each applicant. The points include: standardization, assurance, policies, effects, human resource, organization, information, maintenance, improvement and future plans. Performance is judged by the expert panel using these points.

Relevant Statements to the Article

  • Suppliers:  Organizations must invest in the relationship they have with their suppliers in order to receive proper quality services.
  • Customers: customer satisfaction is achieved through knowing their needs, requirements, demands and provision of good services.
  • Leadership: Leaders offer supervision, organization and manage all company affairs.
  • Processes: Quality of products is of paramount importance, hence identification, designing and processing activities should receive proper attention.
  • Planning: In each award planning was essential to become the best in one’s field, so many measures were put in place after a thorough discussion among members.
  • Employees: The employees play a major role in an organization, hence motivation and training of employees are dually encouraged.
  • Results: Results depend on all the following sectors: employees, customers, production, organizational performance, human resource, stakeholders and all the aspects of the organization.

Critical Analysis

Planning is the approach I may support and value above all. I would adopt good plan measures concerning all aspects of performance: leadership, processes, suppliers, good customer services, employees wellbeing. The results, hence, will be superb. There must be a well-developed plan to come up with all those strategy and working structures that boost performance. A company might have good products, leaders, suppliers, loyal customers but, without having a sound plan, all those may vanishing. Leaders should provide their employees with guidelines on how to deal with all aspects of the organization; they should inform suppliers on current customer needs; they should discuss terms of employment and devise expected results. Setting achievable goals, conducting quality control and management lead to excellence. Planning is so much essential since prior preparation prevents poor performance.

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Practical Implications

In my planning, I will start with the structure of leadership, analyzing it from management to supervisors; such actions will encourage the chain of command. The plan will discuss the employees’  terms of work and salaries. I will discuss with my suppliers the best ways to satisfy my customers and provide quality products. The organization’s board of directors will devise a plan including all these aspects; further on, all these implementations should be followed without alteration.

Learning Reflections

I have learned that quality is all any organization needs to be successful; quality products and services improve customer satisfaction, sales and reputation. For this to be attained there must be an understanding among all sectors of the organization and not just the main ones. Leaders, stakeholders, suppliers and customers all play a major role in attaining excellent overall results; their needs have to be discussed and their interests addressed for company activities to run smoothly.

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