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During the World War I and II

During the World War I and II, a number of countries went through retrogression in terms of economy and other amenities that keeps a country a breast with technological and economical advancements. When impact of takes lead, the country is more likely to lag behind and derail any development that could have realized since most of valuable time will be spent in fighting or thinking of ways and means in which to defeat their perceived enemies. This paper seeks to have an in-depth look at what causes a failed state and means and strategies that can be employed to avert the same. It will also look at some examples of countries that have undergone the collapsed state and measurers that they have put into place and how much they have achieved in rebuilding their state.

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Causes of a collapsed state

As put forward by Robert, many nation and states fail because they fall short in delivering positive goods to their inhabitants as well as being shuddered by internal violence that acts as delayers to progress and success of the nation. It has been evident that when a nation fails to meet its citizens expectation, there exists a discrepancy where some people will feel those governing them are falling short to meet their targets. During such moments, the Darwin’s theory of natural selection comes into play and only those who can sustain the competitive nature of such moments. Most of the countries/states that have failed/collapsed have experienced almost similar causes which range from political instability, bad governance, internal conflict that have in most cases been aggravated by few individuals, animosity between various tribes in the country, external interference by other countries, lack of education, election irregularity and competition of scarce resources to mention but just a few. Governance in any given country is supposed to manifest the wish and will of its people but should be in line with what the international community expects. Thus the headship of a nation is supposed to manipulate between internal and external influences and acting as buffer zone for locals and external communities. When a country fails to provide political goods, its citizenry will be discontented and the end product might be a collapsed or a failed state.

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According to Robert, (2003) the political goods fall in hierarchy and the most valued of the hierarchy is security. When a country fails to provide adequate security to its citizens, people might form groups and even to an extent of buying equipment for protection and enhancement of their security. This equipment might range from simple guns to sophisticated ones. In such moments, the citizens will turn against each other in search of getting amenities and this has been experienced in countries like Zaire, Somalia, Congo Afghanistan, Sudan, and Angola among many others. The driving force to such animosity is likely due to ethnic, religion, or other intercommunal hostilities. Such countries fail to guarantee security within as well as securing their borders against arms and ammunitition infiltration.

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Rebuilding a collapsed state

The key indicators of a collapsed state shows lack of security as being the key component that make a country to fall into shambles making it very difficult to regain its initial status. In order to succeed in reconstruction of failed states, security should be given priority since to any country can be able to progress when its security is compromised. In most of the failed states. Security is always compromised and citizens result in among themselves to deal with the vise. One key thing that needs to be put in place is ensuring citizens are secure. The government therefore needs to come up with measures and strategies of providing security. As Gregory (2006) notes, most are a times when the citizens will be in possession of illegal arms. A good case is Somali where alshabab have become a big threat to the current government. In the fight of such groups, it is paramount to disarm such people using the best way at disposal. Such armed people will resist such moves since in most cases there exists politicians and prominent people who fund their activities. Gregory further notes that in such moment when the country can not cope with it alone, it can request the assistance of international security to help in beefing up security and help in disarmament activities. Such countries also experience a cycle of violence which can be dealt with by enhancing security and strengthening the judicial system so that justice can be employed to law breakers (Robert, 2003).

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Reconstructing a failed state requires mutual understanding and involvement of all stake holders not forgetting citizens comes number one during such moments since they will determine the direction and bearing that they aspire to move to. The affected people should be ready and willing to embrace the changes that will make their lives better than before. Prioritization is very fundamental in defining what the reconstruction should attain at the end of it all. Collapsed states since they do experience economical hardships should have well formulated plans with time limits showing what should be achieved and measures that will be put in place to achieve such. They should thus approach international donors for funds so that they can elevate the living conditions of their citizens. One of the characteristics of collapsed states is the privatization of most amenities including schools and hospitals, lack of employment, poor infrastructure, and poor education systems among many others. During time of instability, there is no equitable distribution of resources. Sudan have been one of them where Northern and Southern have been in conflict for many years due to mere reason of unfair distribution of resources. They have now started efforts to negotiate on how such resources can be shared without oppressing any side (Gregory, 2006).

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Education and knowledge are very essential to any state. Education helps people to reason out and avert mere chances of being incited by politicians as it has mostly happened to collapsed state where the politicians have taken advantage of low education of the citizens, knowing they can easily influence and incite them for their personal gain. Rwanda, after genocide, took brave measurers to emphasize on education and they managed to hire expatriates from neighboring countries, and it is now on its way to experience positive out come of reconstruction. Unemployment is very common to collapsed states and this is because employment opportunities are scarce, international investment is low as well as lack of investors who fear due to the instabilities. It is hence important to encourage investors, tourists and employ any other means that will promote job creation to the country. When people are employed, the crime rates goes down and people will be busy and have less time to organize activities that will destabilize the nation (James,2005).

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In summary, reconstruction of a collapsed state is not easy and requires collaboration with all stake holders in order to resume order and progress in the country. Many collapsed state have undergone hard times in reverting back what they have lost. All countries in the world should thus help willing collapsed states/nations for rebuilding by supporting them and educating them on importance of order and law abiding for success and benefit of its citizens.

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