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The Fires of Jubilee

In America the issues of slavery has been a major topic among many book writers and movie producers. This has made famous authors like Stephen Oates develop interest in writing in the issue a book by the title ‘The Fire of Jubilee’. In this book he talks of a man by the name Nat Tuner as slavery who struggles upon his freedom. Nat subjects himself in dangerous actions in the name of achieving his freedom; however the sarcastically thing is that all these actions lead him to his grave. The film ‘A Troublesome Property’ consists of a story of a man by the name Nat who struggles to fight against slavery to secure his freedom in the American society. He argues his points of freedom basing his argument using the Christianity concept. The book and the film have the same concept of slavery and freedom but in different settings and region.

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The Fires of Jubilee

The fires of jubilee by Stephen B. Oates took place in Southampton, Virginia and Country Seat. The story was designed during a period when slavery was common in the south.  It describes a sad and awful story about a man called Nat Turner. He was born into a world of slavery whereby he strived for freedom. Despite of Nat Tuner being born into slavery he was not only intelligent man but also determinant to attain freedom. This made him be liked by both whites and his fellow slaves, some of whom viewed him as a, savior of slaves. Nat used to go to church every Sunday, this equipped him with addition knowledge regarding the Christian belief, and this made him more captivated by Christianity. As his fascination developed, he began to study the Bible and particularly about the Old Testament. By means of, this newly attained information he used to preach to his fellows slaves about freedom. It was during when a demolition took place when things began to go the unexpected way. During this period Nat was willing to go ahead to achieve his liberty. However, the actions that ended up taking place became carnage. Due to Nat’s upheaval, some whites and black were killed. Even though Nat participated in the killings, the author tries to show that Nat did not want to be a massacre (Stephen, 1999).

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Ironically, his inclination to achieve anything, even committing suicide, to attain his freedom leads to his own death. The  heading  of this book ‘The fires of Jubilee ‘ makes the reader realize that there is the concept of  trouble  chaos and disorder brewing which are clearly illustrated  by Nat Tuner struggles towards  freedom (Stephen, 1999).

Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property

A Troublesome Property highlights the story of that aggressive argument and of the traditions that story has been constantly re-told throughout the time since 1831. It is a film concerning an instant in the American olden times. Nat Turner was a "troublesome property" for his master and he has continued as a "troublesome property" for many people in different professional sectors who have strived to appreciate him. We first see Nat Turner represented in the lawyer Thomas Gray’s jailhouse “confessions” on the actual day to his execution. Scholars’ inquire the level to which these recorded interviews replicated Turner’s definite expressions, however, as a result of the scarcity of other proof on Turner and his achievable motives, it becomes impossible, as professor of religion Vincent Harding notes, “Cast it aside (Kenneth, 2004).” 

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It was through the confessions that Turner secured his proceedings by asking, whether it is true that Christ was crucified? A declaration writer William Styron discharges as the ravings of a crazy lunatic. In most cases, Turner tries to fit their thoughts of race, the resistance aligned with disparity, and the implications of brutal opposition and conflict. The little known about Turner and what actually induced him to construct such a courageous attack on slavery has been a major discussion. This has made him a blank image for succeeding generations to seal up together with their own opinion on the still blazing ethnic divisions that designed the historical era and maintain to outline American humanity up to date (Kenneth, 2004).

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