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A Restaurant Manager

I’ve also successfully working as a restaurant manager for an approximate period of two years at the Arang-Korean restaurant where I was able to use daily operation data to investigate and create a statistic program in Microsoft Excel which optimized the business management system and cut down the inefficient time by 2 hours per day. I also collected and compared income and disbursal data, cut down the unnecessary cost by 10% and further mediated problems between customers and servers, accommodated customers, and expatiated within reason.

The position of restaurant manager at the Arang-Korean enhanced my management skills and leadership capabilities and I was able to be much more proactive in the manner in which I made critical managerial decisions and handled the team members. It also gave me the opportunity to have an in-depth understanding of the customer interaction process and the importance of meeting and exceeding the needs of the market. I was further able to develop a service blue print that facilitated the design and development of standard operating procedures for the restaurant.

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During my stay at the Arang-Korean restaurant, I was presented an offer by a friend who wanted me to be the manager of his restaurant. I was confused and did not know how to go about the situation. Leaving my current Job meant that, I was to stop schooling as the company paid for my maser degree and my family was to be thrown out in the streets since the house we lived in was hotel property. The offer was a good deal, I was paid twice what I was getting in Arang-Korean restaurant. The question still remained, where were we supposed to leave before I get my first salary if I was to quite the job?

After thinking for I while, I decided to quite the job but lots were affected. My family did not have a place to live, plus I had to stop schooling. I promised my self to work hard and bring back the life we hard before. We stayed with a friend for two month, the third month I hard saved enough and was in a position to rent my own apartment. Even though I was able to rent a house, I could not cater for my school fee. I was in one of the most expensive school thus could not afford to pay my school fee. Up to now, I have never saved enough money to cater for my school fee.

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