Free «Mindlessness of the Situation» Essay

Mindlessness of the Situation

At times, people act mindlessly. The following case involves a man disposing a piece of land to buy a commuter service vehicle. Edward owned a two-acre piece of land located in the outskirts of a suburban place. Since the land was productive except for a few months when rains failed, it came as a surprise that Edward decided to sell the productive piece of land and purchases a second-hand commuter service vehicle.

Selling a piece of land to venture in the public sector industry, which was already crowded, depicts mindlessness, as Edward appears not to have considered the usefulness of the land. Several concepts in critical thinking could help Edward to make a sound decision.

In the first place, Edward ought to have established the decision context. In recognizing the context, Edwards could have identified valid reasons to engage in disposing the land. However, the failure to observe this complicates the matter. Given the context, it was inappropriate to sell the piece of land to buy a second hand vehicle.

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Identifying values is also important in guiding the decision making process (Clemens, 1991). Values are the most important part of effective decision making since they guide the conduct of people in given circumstances. Uncertainty also plays an influential role in decision-making (Ennis, 1982). Understanding uncertainty is important as it enables one to recognize that outcomes vary based on emerging circumstances. Put differently, understanding uncertainty illuminates the form of risks one may face.

Information and learning are other aspects that everyone faced with dilemmas need to consider before making decisions (Baron and Brown, 1991). Such information is necessary to make viable decisions. With information, a decision-maker is able to consider alternatives. Good decision-making entails not only choosing the best alternative but also understanding the choice made (Ennis, 1989).

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Based on the consideration of the aspects mentioned above, the outcome in this situation appears unacceptable. Consideration of the above decision-making concepts would have meant retaining the piece of land. Retaining the piece of land was the best option since there are many benefits in the short-run and long-run.

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