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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Wedding offers valuable information regarding the variations between Greek and American cultures, which are quite almost the opposite inter se. Unlike the Americans, Greeks enter into the social arena as an extended family rather than a nuclear one. The Greeks have less respect and accommodation for other diverse cultures while at the same time maintaining their conservative culture through a collectivism platform. For example, Toula’s father believes that there is no need to educate a woman for she is limited to getting married and having babies reflecting the level of competitiveness and assertiveness in Greek culture for dominance of the male gender. On the same note, Gus feels that Greek culture is superior claiming that “there are two kinds of people: Greeks and everybody else who wish they were Greeks.” The Americans, on the other hand, appreciate diversity, respect the gender difference, lack family life and culture. Ian, as an American, illustrates the ability of the Americans to accept cultural differences through integration and acceptance by being converted into Toula’s religion. The American power distance is approached on an equal basis, whereby Ian parents do not oppose Ian’s decision to be baptized in order to be accepted in Toula’ family.

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Toula’s father uses two outstanding acculturation strategies %u2012 separation and integration. The separation strategy is illustrated through Toula’s father who demands from her daughter to practically marry only a Greek boy. To worsen the situation, Gus strongly believes that Greek culture is superior and does not want his children or family to be associated with any other culture. As time passes by, intervention of Toula’s mother and aunt allows Gus practise the integration strategy. This is reflected in the situation where Gus allows Toula to further her education, work outside the family line of business and marry Ian.

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