Free «Professional Ethics in Public Health» Essay

Professional Ethics in Public Health

Health code of ethics clearly explains the expectations of the health practitioners in regard to the provision of health services to the public in an acceptable manner. It therefore highlights the principles and guidelines which ought to be followed for a proper service delivery to the community and the society at large. They define guidelines to be used and possible actions which may help promote health in a given community and prevent possible occurrence of injuries in relation to health matters. The code is principally intended for public together with other U.S institutions which have responsibility in health missions beside individuals who recognize their effects. Therefore, the principles should address different fundamental sources of diseases and their possible requirements to prevent the resulting health issues (Bayer & Beauchamp, 2007).

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The public health should take much consideration on the community to attain minimal requirements for health conditions besides respecting individual rights of the members in the community. It should also ensure that the community makes a positive contribution on policies and any other possible programs that may be formulated by the health sector. This will ensure proper utilization of the available resources in a manner that is useful in order to achieve high standards of living as far as health matters are concerned. According to Holland (2007), the sector should work toward empowering the community; seek any important information affecting any program intended for the success of health facilities and services for and in the community as a whole. Different approaches should be incorporated within the sector to make sure that cultural, beliefs and moral values of the community are respected and promoted to the advantage of health in the community.

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Health policies and programs should be made in a way that enhances both the physical surrounding and social environment. Finally, health institutions should ensure confidentiality of health information from any community members concerning the health status of the individuals in that particular community. Professional competence should be a key factor in the sector of both public and private institutions with employers engaging in collaborations and affiliations of ensuring public trust effectiveness (Peckham& Hann, 2010).

The bioethics professionals who help in making policies, should provides a ground for recognizing moral dilemmas thus giving possible solutions to these problems of health dilemmas. They are also to provide moral and ethical codes of conduct guideline to professional like clinicians who may lack their own guidelines thus giving direction of solving any arising conflict in the health and medical sector as a whole. In the health profession, the ethical values for public health should be in line with other health policies, initiatives and programs that are initiated for the improvement of matters of public health there should be set goals for any proposed program to help in carrying out systematic planning and proper evaluation in order to achieve an improved system. Secondly, the effectiveness of the set goals should be determined based on possible set assumptions of the program through examining of those assumptions in regard to the health policies and change in behavior of the people in the surrounding community. In case there are notable and potential burdens in the program then it should be the responsibility of the public health to make possible adjustments to address these issues.

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Therefore, in the case children developing obesity in regard to the campaign of the first lady Michelle Obama, the public health should take up the responsibility of carrying out campaigns to ensure that children are given appropriate medical care and immunization as stipulated in the public health act in order to prevent such occurrences (Novick, Morrow & Mays, 2007). Public health should sensitize the public and the whole community on the meals that young children are supposed to be fed to ensure children don’t fall victims of obesity. The government should also take up the role of ensuring that its citizens are healthier through assisting parents who cannot meet medical expenses and in provision of nutritious essential foods.

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