Free «Poverty and the TED Talk» Essay

Poverty and the TED Talk

Poverty abounds in myriad ways. In this context, it is viewed from the perspective of whether the TED talk merits fame or not. A good example of the many TED talks series abounds from a clip whereby IO Tillet Wright exposes her life from teenage hood and the trials and tribulations she underwent at the hands of her peers. Notably, as a young kid, she was considered as a boy, but few people were aware of her sexual orientation her parents inclusive who encouraged her not to define herself as a boy or a girl. From TED talk, it can be ascertained that various ways abound through which IO Tillet Wright persona is attacked and sexualized. This contributes to her fame in some extent. Comparing IO Tillet to underground artist Papoose, it is evident that the latter should be famous than IO Tillet since he reflects the society in various aspects. Fame is a critical part of the social life and it tells us a lot regarding how we are supposed to conduct ourselves and the example that we need to set in the society. Thus, it is evident that many people who deserve to be famous are denied of the opportunity and this is awarded to people who literally do not deserve it. Thus, the audiences that text aims at are especially teenagers who aspire to become famous and lead luxurious lives. In addition, this text aims at people who gain media fame and want to live extraordinary lives. The goal of this is to educate young people on who they really should consider as famous people and the things that they should shun when they are grown up.

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This essay seeks to explore “fame poverty”, the way IO Tillet lacks in it and how the selected audience should avoid misconception regarding people that they should consider famous.

Poverty, in this context, originates from the fact that IO Tillet considers herself famous from her talk regarding her sexuality, which in the real sense, it is not. According to history, many people have been accused and rebuked because of engaging in unmoral sexual activities such as adultery, pre marital sex and homosexuality. This means that she only gives a voice to a continuing struggle in the society that concerns the identity of bisexuality and homosexuality.

From the clip, it can be deducted that various ways abound, which IO Tillet is sexualized and attacked. These play a critical role in ensuring that her character remains famous in the media. Firstly, we notice that she focuses on a controversial topic in the society and the media. This is evident that the talk she presents is focused on marketing rather than focusing on the societal ideals (Wright). The major topic that the topic focuses on is gay in the society something that has received much critic and it is feared by many in the society. From the clip, it can be deducted that her character is being sexualized because the main focus centers on her sexuality whereby she talks about how her friends discriminated her during her teenage hood. IO Tillet exclaims her friends were exasperated about her desire for both men and women. She explains that during her childhood, she dressed like a boy even though she knew she was a girl (Wright). This emanated from the fact that she tried to kiss every other boy and girl that they got intimate with, which to her friends was absurd. Notably, her character was been attacked since she was trying in all ways to become famous. Another attempt at her character depicts from the fact that she did not have a choice on what gender to be at her birth. All what the society offered her was criticism, a thing that she could not handle as she is only human.

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IO Tillet should not be considered as famous. This is because her topic centers on what the society has been arguing since time immemorial. The only big issue that should be factored is the fact that she decided to stand out from the crowd and expose her humanity regarding her personality (Wright). Thus, I consider the underground rapper Papoose to be famous than she is because he sensitizes the society regarding a variety of things affecting the society. As a musician, Papoose reveals political messages and conforms to the societal norms as he has never been caught in any scandal that defaces his character. Among his characteristics that make him famous include his personality, stand regarding sexuality and the message that he conveys to the young, as well as, the old in the society.

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A famous person has a great responsibility to the society. This is because there are many values that he should expose to the society. It should be noted that fame requires us to act responsibly regarding the societal ideals so that we cannot influence negatively both the young and grown population. In addition, fame requires people to share positive values such as the right time to engage in sex and how to conduct oneself in a crowd. Thus, in regards to a famous person in society, people should only admire positive characteristics that should not lead them to be judged or to judge others.

In conclusion, poverty and the TED talk concerns how the speakers in that assembly lack fame. For instance, IO Tillet, who talks about her life and times and how her peers discriminated against her because of her sexuality. It is evident that life does not only center on sexuality, a reason why IO Tillet should not consider herself famous. Thus, fame requires a person to abide by the societal ideals and avoid things that will lead to scandals.

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