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The Trait theory is mainly contributed to the large number of people who are lovers and followers of reality shows all over the world. This is based on the fact that the trait approach to personality is one of the primary theoretical areas in the learning of human personality. The Trait theory implies that personalities of different individuals comprise of wide dispositions. For instance, how one is likely to describe the personality of a close friend. The answers are likely to be ones that make the person behave in precise manners. The Trait theory explains as to why people are drawn to reality shows (Barbara, 2008).

The attraction to reality shows can be attributed to the fascinations that these shows have with the real lie and real people. In most of the cases, realty shows have the contents that have real aspects about real day to day happenings have most viewers as one is able to relate to their lives. Therefore, it is vital to note that people are not attracted to all types of reality shows. The trait theory to personality on reality shows is centered in the differences that are present between different individuals. The blend and interaction of a range of traits structures a character that is exceptional to each individual. Trait theory pays attention to the identification and measurement of the above individual personality distinctiveness (Barbara, 2008).

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Cardinal traits are precisely connected with the addiction of people to reality shows, the cardinal traits usually centers on the characteristic that dominate the entire life of a person and regularly to the level whereby the individual becomes known precisely for these characteristics. This is a satisfactory explanation as to why there are so many reality shows that re coming up, so as people can be able to identify the experiences of these shows and relate to their personal experiences. This can in turn lead to situations whereby individuals are able to improve the characteristic that are undesirable and maintain the desirable traits (Barbara, 2008).

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