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Administrative Behavior

Nowadays, doctors have to deal with numerous problems. Most of these problems are related to the controversies about different diseases. This paper discusses the problem that Dr. Charles Ray Jones is faced with and analyzes the choices that he has in this situation.

The basic problem that Dr. Jones has to deal with is the threat of losing his license to practice medicine. This problem is caused by accusations of treatment patients without seeing them and prescribing medicine for children he has never met. Also, he is accused of violating the standards of care. However, these accusations are not truthful. Dr. Jones just has his own methods of threating people. Unfortunately, the state Medical Examining Board declared him guilty. He has got many other problems like four years of probation, a big fine, and the need to hire the monitor that has to control Dr. Jones’s work. These problems are very serious, and it is expensive to solve them. He has to deal with them because of his own position on treating controversial Lyme disease. This disease is very complex, and there exist numerous controversies about it. It is a big problem that plays a decisive role in hiring a monitor. Actually, Dr. Jones’ case has many injustices and misunderstandings.

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Dr. Charles Ray Jones has a big problem with hiring a monitor because his colleagues are not willing to help him. All of them do not want to be involved. Dr. Jones thinks that the biggest problem of treating is doctor’s pride. His colleagues are not willing to help him because Lyme disease is very controversial. One doctor even said that he did not want to be associated with the Lyme controversy. Unfortunately, no one is willing to listen to Jones’s methods. Even his patients are trying to defend him because they understand that antibiotics are really helpful. They appreciate that his methods can improve their health in spite of other doctors’ warnings about the harm of antibiotics. It is hard to believe but even people, who have nothing to do with the medicine, understand that Dr. Jones is an incredible physician and his well-educated colleagues, who have a long practice and a large experience, do not appreciate his methods. They are not willing to help because they are afraid of people’s attitudes and they do not want to have an opposite thoughts about Lyme disease.

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It is worth saying that Dr. Jones’ situation is very troublesome. He has to find a monitor; otherwise, he can lose his license which will be the end of his practice. Dr. Jones’ choice is to still treat children with Lyme disease with antibiotics, and he will not change his mind. He is certain that his colleagues’ thoughts are not truthful because they are willing to use other antibiotics to treat different diseases. He knows that his methods can help people, and it is the most important thing for him. Another choice is to continue looking for a monitor, but Dr. Jones is not very persistent in solving this problem. He denies his guilt and still helps children with Lyme disease. The doctor understands that his colleagues are not willing to help him, but it is not the most important thing for him.

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In conclusion, Dr. Jones has many problems caused by his own methods of treating Lyme disease. The main issues are the threat of losing his license to practice medicine and hiring a monitor. The doctor’s colleagues are not willing to help him because they do not want to be involved in the Lyme controversy. However, Dr. Jones’s choice is to continue treating people with Lyme disease by antibiotics.

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