Free «Comprehensive Health Care Organization Communication and Marketing Plan Completion» Essay

Comprehensive Health Care Organization Communication and Marketing Plan Completion

Part 1: Health Care Organization Profile

St. Marianne’s healthcare organization is a healthcare facility located in Anchorage, Alaska inside the St. Paul medical center. The center offers the facility direct access to diverse specialties, for instance, cardiology, dialysis, dental, and optical centers. The facility is community oriented and provides quality services to all the nearby communities.

The mission of the facility is to improve the well-being and health of the communities within the region. Moreover, the vision of the facility concerns two factions. On the one hand, the facility offers physicians the best environment where they can access medical facilities and work freely. On the other hand, since the physicians have ample environment, they will then ensure the community receives effective, professional and a wide ranging care. Additionally, the facility will be recognized nationally for improving the health of the community members through the incorporation of education, research and clinical care.

St. Marianne’s Healthcare Organization Values

  • To be acquainted with and support excellence
  • Promote research-based innovation in health care delivery, education, and health promotion.
  • Promote social responsibility, professionalism and compassion.
  • Realize the potential of all the staff members and the facility.

Our Goals

  • Offer quality care to members of the community through an innovative approach, which consists of outreach programs that will advance the health of the community members that are underserved.
  • Make a valuable and unique contribution towards the understanding of diverse diseases through strategic research programs.
  • Develop a strong link with healthcare policy makers on the national level to engage in the provision of cost-effective, quality and patient-oriented care.
  • Become the healthcare of choice within Alaska due to the provision of quality and satisfied care.
  • By the year 2018, be recognized nationally in biomedical research and a number of healthcare programs.
  • Develop an organization that is effectual and efficient and that attains the highest levels of profitability in addition to the provision of quality care.

Part 2: Communication Plan

Internal and External Communication Channels

Electronic Communication Vehicles

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The Hospital Web Page

St. Paul Center Web Page

Video media

Community Connection

Targeted E-mail lists

Hospital E-Newsletters

Social Media: Twitter and Facebook

Communication Vehicles: Media

St. Marianne magazines

Broadcast stations

Print newspapers

Communication Vehicles: Interpersonal

St. Marianne annual meetings

Members of staff Forum

Administrative Council meetings

Key Communicator network

Communication Vehicles: Print


Targeted mailing list

Anchorage Newsmagazine ads

Anchorage daily

Stakeholder Analysis

The groups that will be of great importance to St. Marianne’s healthcare organization will be its staff members, customers, government agencies, business partners, and the local community.

The above-mentioned communication mediums will deliver St. Marianne’s healthcare organization messages to the community in a cost effective manner. In addition, the organization has ascertained that it will have a forum on its website for community members to post their comments regarding the facility (Srivastava & Shainesh, 2015).






Offer quality care

Represents the facility and allows it to achieve its goals and objectives

To have access to medical and research facilities

Customers [local community]

Visit the facility and access quality services

Local communities will represent customers

Contributes to the success of the organization by testifying regarding the quality of service received

Business Partners

St. Paul medical center will provide an environment where the facility will conduct its researches and access employees from the center

One of the great stakeholders of the facility and contributes to its success

To have enough equipments and facilities to serve the organization

Government agency

To provide health policies and regulations to the organization.

Represents the interests of the local authority

It contributes to the success of the facility through the provision of significant and strategic policies and regulations

Communication Goal

Maintain and develop collaborative and positive relationship with all stakeholders within its environment to strengthen support for St. Marianne’s healthcare organization. In addition, the business will utilize the communication mediums in order to maximize awareness of its programs and goals to the community. The above-mentioned aspects offer business a competitive advantage.

Part 3: Marketing Plan

Internal Environmental Analysis

The organization does not have any direct competitors within the region where it operates. In addition, the facility has skilful and competent members of the staff that have graduated from St. Paul Medical Center. As well, the Center provides a strategic environment where it can carry out medical research. Lastly, the facility has a reputation of offering quality services.

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External Environmental Analysis

The community offers diverse opportunities to the facility. In short, the facility utilizes the power of the community to showcase its potential to the nation (Sederstrom, 2014). In addition, it has sidelined itself with the state health department.

Strategic Choice

The facility offers delivery of quality health care and community involvement.

SWOT Analysis


  • Highly-skilled clinical staff
  • History of success within the community it operates
  • Willing to participate in any local charity to help the community
  • Community members and patients yearning to participate in hospital programs, such as St. Marianne’s Heart Run
  • The facility has a strong ethos for sharing and remaining committed to increasing the confidence of the patient


  • Staffs do not have enough time to devote to patients because most of them are students at St. Paul center
  • Staff not exercising enough staff-patient relationship as expected by the management
  • The organization does not have enough partners to support its programs on the national level


  • Patients are committed to staff-patient participation programs and always ask for latest suggestions and opinions on the forum section of the organization’s website
  • The management is willing to flex time in order to allow nursing students to attend their classes
  • Dedicated members of staff willing to offer quality care to employees at the lowest cost possible
  • Patients are willing to give testimonies to other community members regarding the significance and quality of care received


  • Patients are given so much responsibilities they cannot handle in the long run
  • The hospital reputation is at risk if a patient is mistreated or does not receive quality care

Marketing initiatives in the facility will identify the expertise of each member and ascertain who of them can influence the business’s marketing strategies. Assign team members to areas where they suite and make sure each one of them approves. On the other hand, marketing strategies will be evaluated after every five months.

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Part 4: The Community Outreach Plan

Dr. Kellie J. King Is the Director of Community Outreach Plan

St. Marianne’s healthcare Community Outreach Program addresses the need for the facility to provide its community with quality care. As well, the organization's ambition is to become a healthcare facility of choice for community members.

Through the outreach program the organization seeks to institute meaningful partnership with community-based organizations, businesses around its area of operations, local health department, and all the residents of Anchorage. This approach will help it to promote health wellness and lifestyle for all residents within Anchorage and the nearby communities (Lundy & Janes, 2001).

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Community Service Plan

St. Marianne’s healthcare organization is dedicated to improving health of the community. In keeping with the State Health Department’s mission of exemplary service to the community, the facility is dedicated to collaborate with the community partners through strategic initiatives. In addition, it is deeply committed to review community health needs on a quarterly basis and innovate programs that will address those needs (Gallin & Ognibene, 2012). Recently, the organization came up with the Service Plan Committee to hold a forum with the community-based organizations to see how it will meet the needs of the community through other vehicles such as charity.

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