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The Two Lovers

The two lovers were lying in a big bright room looking into the eyes of each other. They were holding their hands so gently and tight that it seemed nothing could separate them. The two lovers were always together: at the cheerful parties and calm home dinners, football games and activities in the park. At this moment, they were also together. Moreover, the two lovers always planned their vacations paying a great attention to every detail. These two were a couple who never annoyed each other. On the contrary, they enjoyed every minute spent together. Nobody could imagine the two people who would love each other as much as they did. Thus, their love could last forever becoming stronger every day.

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Now, they lied in the room, which was their paradise. Bright light filled the entire room making its white walls even snowier. For the two lovers that room was the whole world, which they would never leave. They could stay in that room for the rest of their lives because they needed nothing except themselves. The sunshine played with the hair of a young woman and this joyful game was greatly admired by her lover. He looked at her red hair illuminated by the light from the sun and in the glow of sunny rays woman's hair reminded the bright flame which could charm everyone who looked at it. That picture captured man's mind and a barely noticeable smile appeared on his face. The man though that he could look at her golden red hair forever and it would not burn his eyes.

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At the same time, the woman knew the feelings of her lover that were seen in every gesture, touch and glance he gave her. At that moment she thought that she was the happiest woman in the world. She adored everything in her lover: his smile, kind eyes and a big heart. Next to him the woman always felt as a little girl, who in spite of any life circumstances would be protected and kept safe from harm. Moreover, they looked at each other so sensitively that all the quarrels and disagreements seemed insignificant and minor. All that mattered at that moment was them two lying in the big room and holding their hands.

The two lowers did not talk. There was a time when they would be talking for hours. Nevertheless, now, their chatting was not relevant because nothing should have broken the silence they had at that moment. Looking into the eyes of each other they understood everything and thus, they did not need explanations.

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The man continued to hold the hands of his lover as firmly as he could. He was afraid that if he let her out of his arms she would disappear. Nevertheless, fears of the man were in vain as similarly to him she could not leave that room. The minutes they were lying together seemed to them as eternity. Sometimes, it was hard for them to explain why they valued each other to such an extent that they could not be apart even for a second. Thus, it was kind of magic between them and this mystery was something difficult to understand.

The two lovers continued to lie in the white room with its white walls. The man looked at his lover and saw a beautiful red-haired woman with shining eyes full of love and dedication. The man did not notice her hospital gown, dry lips and tortured by treatment body. He understood that these were the last minutes when the woman was conscious. The man wanted to say something but eventually he realized that his lover was far away from him. Nevertheless, he continued to hold her hands and look into her glassy lifeless eyes.

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