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Career Choice

Without doubt, the choice of profession is one of the most important life decisions. Unfortunately, a great part of young people makes their career choices unconsciously being forced by their parents and/or relatives. The other part of high school graduates prefers to target the professions that are affordable in terms of expenses, location, personal qualities or level of education. Nevertheless, rather often such approaches are incorrect because they do not take into account true aspirations of a particular individual. In contrast to those students, I belong to the third part of young adults who make critical decisions consciously after precise evaluation of interests and inclinations.

I chose photography as my major because it has always been one of my main passions. I can spend a lot of time taking pictures of nature, as well as of urban areas. Certainly, I also like to take portrait or full-length pictures of my dear ones. Over time, it became hard for me to imagine my further life without this hobby. What is more, I felt the urge to devote even more time to photography. In this way, the idea to become a professional photographer became of solid decision.

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Initially, it was my father who has influenced my preferences. He loves to take pictures, as well as to work on their improvement and printing. Luckily, the contemporary world of rapidly developing digital technologies provides numerous opportunities for those interested in high quality pictures. To encourage me to take photos, my father bought a brand-new camera for me as the 18th birthday present. The gift became rather opportune since it gave me a chance to engrave in pictures all important events of my last school year, such as a prom and graduation trips. After coming back from a graduation travel, I decided to create an album. Thanks to the help of my father, who taught me to use Photoshop, the pictures turned to be professional, natural looking, vivid and creative. My father and I became a great team of photographers ever since. I have always cherished the moments when we capture the perfectness of the surrounding world together. Thereafter, we could spend hours on the discussion of our further agenda regarding possible ways to improve the quality of photos.

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I believe that photography is not just a fascinating pastime, but rather a combination of art and science at the same time. This activity involves science because it is necessary to know how to choose appropriate angles or deal with camera equipment. Besides, it is also important to know how to improve the pictures with the help of computer programs. Speaking about art in terms of photography, one should refer to creativity, innovative thinking and uncommon vision of the world. Consequently, to become a professional photographer, it is necessary to spend much time on self-development. It is important to master the skills as often as possible, and thus, this activity can be suitable only for those who are seriously involved in photography both with their hearts and minds.

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Once being involved in photography both with my mind and my heart, I began to search for the information about different famous photographers and their works. It turned to be fascinating to discover the works of Chen Man, Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz and Rasmus Mogensen. I felt the urge to become a part of this art and I was ready to put considerable efforts in order to achieve my goal.

Nowadays, my classmates and I use aperture, shutter speed and ISO in order to create the best photos possible. Thanks to my photography classes, I learned various approaches to taking high-quality photos and developed the skills needed for working with picture editing software. I consider it as greatly useful to have final projects at the end of every class because it actually measures the level of my success and identifies my professional growth. As a future photographer, I take pride and have confidence in my performance even if one piece of photo would take me a week or so to complete. The professors’ and groupmates’ recognition of my ongoing advancement is important to me and, definitely, is worth all efforts.

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