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Autobiographical Essay


I have always had an opinion on our world being a place of great opportunities. These convictions made me experience much of the things that I am about to share in this essay. As far as my personality is concerned, my name is Faisal Alsaif. Originally, I come from the State of Kuwait, which is a country in Western Asia. However, currently I am a resident of Boca Raton, Florida. While retelling my experience with the idea of future prospects, I will refer to past and present for they are foundation of the whole picture of my expectations.

Past and Present Backgrounds

I have experienced much, and each activity led me to the point of becoming a kind of personality I am at the moment. It is important to note that I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. I graduated cum laude from the University of Texas at San Antonio in December 2014. I should also mention that my Cumulative Grade Point Average was 3,68, which is quite a high result. The reason for my stay in the United States of America is that now I am still a full-time student obtaining a Master’s degree in Public Administration at Florida Atlantic University.

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Regarding my educational achievements, I had the honor to be included in Honor Roll (Spring 2011, Spring 2014), Dean’s List (Summer 2011, Spring 2013), and President’s List (Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012). All of these contributed to my ambitious social and professional interaction with other people. In addition, I tested my suitability for the occupation, while being a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Texas Society of Professional Engineers. Similarly, I did my best in the field of extracurricular activities being enrolled in the National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Honor Society), Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society, and Alpha Chi at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Each of these memberships made a valuable contribution to the profound understanding of my abilities and assisted notably in the process of identifying myself.

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An equally significant aspect of the past that pertained my career path was my work experience. Hosting and designing websites, I was employed by Q8Serv Company from August 2006 to September 2008. I made a considerable progress because, having left the previous position, I started the job at Network fixing store at Kuwait City. Working in their office, I had a list of duties to perform such as connect the manager to other employees and customers, arrange meetings between the manager and the customers, answer daily customer calls and their questions, fix phone screens and computer networks. With a desire to gain new skills, I got a position of a teaching assistant for Steel Design Class at the University of Texas at San Antonio in Fall 2014. In such a way, I was given an opportunity not only receive theoretical knowledge as a student of this university but also gain practical experience as a teacher at the same time.

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Having experienced all of these, I became a well-rounded and remained to be an open-minded individual, who is ready to realize his potential. With the regard to my organizational, communication and time management skills, I am sure I am able to do this. Apart from that, I am strong in the field of mathematics and, thus, can comprehensibly teach math and other related subjects to students. Moreover, I can advance the knowledge of computer and information systems. So, my present conditions and the past background, lead me to shaping certain future expectations.

Future Perspectives

Having considered my educational and personal accomplishments, as well as the work history, I decided that it would be reasonable to analyze the further prospects provided by these achievements. Even though I chose to come to the United States of America to obtain the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, and graduate from two American universities, I plan to go back to the country of my origin, which is Kuwait. Moreover, I would like to work in a government sector of the country, as I consider it to be the greatest opportunity to make my contribution to the economic and political life of the state. Such an intention was one of the reasons to travel to another country. My American experience gave me opportunity to study the pattern of how they tackle political issues in a foreign country. Furthermore, I could observe the state of my homeland not being an active citizen of the States of Kuwait. Different perspective changed my view of Kuwait.

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There is, however, a further point to be considered. The position in a government sector of Kuwait will also play its role in sustaining and developing my strong points, such as fluency in Arabic, knowledge of stock market trading, and presentation skills. Such a position might be a rewarding and fulfilling opportunity to efficiently use the theory and practical experience not only for my own benefit but for the benefit of other citizens of my country.


To sum up, I have briefly described all the valuable points of my personal and professional experience. My attempt was to give the overlook of the past and present pertaining to the upcoming future prospects. Currently, I am a student of the Master’s program at Florida Atlantic University, but I obtained my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas. Moreover, I have tried being a member of various professional and educational institutions, and I have been employed by different companies to perform a wide range of useful and contributing duties. With hindsight, I understand that every single aspect of my life significantly contributes to its integrity. With accumulated abilities at my disposal, I expect my past and present experience to be helpful in the process of future progress.

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