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Journal Reflections

Growth and development forms a significant foundation on which a child matures from one stage to the other. Therefore, it is important to understand that these changes are often characterized by both physical and emotional changes. Typically, these changes define the eventual ties the child forms with those people around him or her. It is instrumental to argue that, the significant percentages of the noticeable changes are more physical attributes. According to various studies, these developments do significantly affect the initial artistic developments in a child. It should be understood that, this factors are attributed to the behavioral development which also impacts on the child’s language, moral as well as emotional development.

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Therefore, in regard to learners within the bracket of 11-14 years, it is prudence to aver that, this period is often defined as the transitional period,hence,it in this juncture that most learners begins to define their tastes as well as styles in regard to food, clothes as well as friends (Kerlavage, et al, 1998). By creating a holistic portrait of such a class, it is crucial to understand that, most of the learners may tend to be rebellious, while others may opt to recoil to their lonely world while another group may opt to be critically social animals.

Typically, the common picture presented by middle school students is that of troubled souls, this scenario is attributed by the fact that, unlike those students in lower school who are ready to be guided, middle school students offers a challenge to both parents and teachers in that, they are in a self discovery path, it is here they exhibit the developing traits, hence this group can be said to be developing physically.

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In principal, may I argue that, it is evident that, middle school students will definitely show Biological changes, these biological changes affects the way any given student reacts to specific situation. Thus, it is quite important to note that, a student may develop an attitude either positively or negatively towards his or her instructor, and this is attributing to the manner the given student thinks or develops emotionally (Susman & Rowel, 2004).

Also cognitive development plays an integral role in shaping the development of individual traits. Consider that, middle school students are almost matured from the concept of developing the ability to think and reason. In this stage, it can be said they have moved to a more complex phase, whereby, the individual student develops the traits of abstract thinking as well as the concepts of reasoning from known principles. And more so, development of ability to think about the thinking procedure takes (Kerlavage, et al, 1998).

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Reflecting on such growth and developments, it is paramount to understand that, these students are likely to more be concerned with their destinies more than any other period of their development. Also, it is crucial to understand that, at this stage, individual students are certain of their potential in regard to diverse subjects including art. And this opens a new chapter in individual student’s life (Wigfield, A. Wagner, A. L, 2005). It is here those with the person for colors starts to develop their artistic skills, this is done more than often to express individual emotions or to depict a point of affection in regard to a given subject. Thus, presenting a convincing portrait of middle school students is not an easy task; this can be attributed to the diverse changes which are varied but present in almost all students (Kerlavage, et al, 1998 and Susman & Rowel, 2004).

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For instance, it is instrumental to note that, those who are conscious of their physical development may pose as a threat to those who are yet to be physically developed, more so, those who have matured emotional may also create a critical environment due to their innate desire to explore various scopes of life which are thought to be soul satisfying and this could be lethal.

Therefore, by paying a close attention to this group, one cannot fail to note that, at this stage, most students develops or acquires the ability to think systematically about almost all issues. Though, this transition occurs gradually, it helps the individual student to develop from concrete thinking to formal logical thinking (Susman, E. J. Rogel, A. 2004). According to Smith and Burton, any development signifies a change in attitude; this they observed shaped the way a given child may react to a given situation. Thus, it is paramount to argue that, despite physical and emotional development, the middle school students do also acquire aesthetic development, the importance of this development helps in that, the students to be involved with the development of artistic objects as well as providing an environment by which the learners gets more value of art (Kerlavage, et al, 1998). It can be said that, aesthetic development is more attributed to interaction with artistic work more than with the age.

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Thus in regard to artistic development, cognitive, emotional, language, social and aesthetic development offers a profound ground by which the learner acquires diverse opinions in regard to art. Due to individual interests, it has been established that students who are busy in their work are thrilled by four objectives - victory, interest, innovation, and satisfying affairs. These concepts are cultivated in the classroom by the students as they explore their understanding of the art, either through painting or drawing unique concepts using simple concepts of live (Smith, et al, 1993).

All in all, it can be said the middle school students equally responds to the pleasure they take in the material they employ to represent various concepts they develop. This is evidenced when they individual begins to develop confidence towards particular artistic approach to drawing or painting materials and this creates an environment of involvement. For that reason, the style by which a student reacts to the situation created by the material can also be influenced by the visual responsivity, bodily sensations as well as affection, and this eventually is seen in the work the individual student (Smith, et al, 1993).

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Whatever a middle school student makes contact with; there is a possibility that, he will be prompted to represent it while painting. Thus, it can be said that, the student will definitely attempt to present his experience from the real world through his works. This is often an indication that, the students have acquired a sense of visual development as well as the control in regard to the aesthetic work by which the individual student draws pleasure from (Wigfield, A., Wagner, A. L, 2005 and Kerlavage, et al, 1998).

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