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Journal Written Reflections

Curiosity is one element that forms the basic ground for any given child. Various studies have established that, a child can be easily drawn to anything than an adult. According to Smith and Burton who observed that, children early marking making is always unproportional (Rodd 28). This phenomenon, in regard to their observation is principally as a result of kinesthetic sensation resulting from the Childs hand movement. Hence, the markings are uncoordinated due to the effects of hand strokes (Rodd 28). However, as the child continues to pile color upon color, it is apparent that the child begins to learn that paint can make lines. Art being an inborn talent, most teachers have confessed that, during the scribbling stage most children use anything that comes with their range, be it clay, crayon or pencil to make markings (Smith, et al 22). Both do agree that, the markings the children markings at this stages reflects the discoveries which they make as they develop artistic know-how. Therefore, it is paramount to argue that, the discoveries the children make helps in developing their abilities to make diverse symbols which they apply to communicate through manipulating various materials. And this is a very significant part step in all children development.

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Basically, individual child may respond to varied materials due to diverse interests. However, it is commonly agreed that children respond to physical sensations of the material. This is attributed to the fact that, they become more observant and this also affects the child’s motor activity, meaning the child concentrates more on the visual aspect of the materials (Burton 7). In principal, it can be said the children equally responds to the pleasure they take in the material. This is evidenced when the child begins to develop confidence towards particular materials and this creates an environment of involvement. Therefore, the manner by which a child responds to material can also be influenced by the visual responsivity, bodily sensations as well as affection, and this eventually is seen in the work the individual child creates.

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Whatever a child comes into contact with, there is a possibility that, he will be prompted to represent it while painting. Thus, it can be said that, the child will definitely attempt to present his experience from the real world through his works. This is often an indication that, the child is developing a sense of visual development as well as the control in regard to the aesthetic work by which the child draws pleasure from. At this stage, the child attempts to experiment with diverse materials that tend to present his idea of the world. Thus, the distinct marking a child develops, can be said to represent his thoughts, understand that, the lines a child creates, presents a specific though or a particular subject. Therefore, it is important to accept that, the marks they create do present diverse experiences from the real world; this could include a journey by a train, a football game or a cow grazing. Generally, this is often prompted by the motoric testing which is made possible by the coordination of the eyes and hands. From this angle, the children creates typical notion in regard to markings. Nevertheless, whatever a child perceives, that is what it presents.

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