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Social Phenomenon

The definition of society describes this term as the total sum of social phenomena which, in their turn, are its main elements. In other words, this is all the social reality that reveals itself, exists. Social phenomenon occurs when the behavior of a single individual falls under the influence of another person or group (community). It happens regardless of whether they are physically present. According to Daniel Little, poverty, politics, money, religion, sectarianism, and authority are obviously illustrations of this investigational process. The main purpose of this paper is to identify examples of social phenomena in the TV-show Game of Thrones.

It is important to mention that the show is not only an example of good acting and displaying of the events in the medieval world filled with fictitious, unreal features. It is also an established social environment where many social phenomena occur. These are authority, morals, and sex concepts – adultery and incest.

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To start with, authority as a phenomenon manifests itself in various spheres of human activity. In private life, it is a power over oneself and the circumstances. In a society it shows in the form of domination above the people, in the biosphere – over nature. In Game of Thrones, authorities take a social role (King, commander in chief) and are a socio-psychological resource for people management (specific quality and properties of the individual). Last but not least, they are mechanisms of control and subordination of some people to others (advantage, suggestion, mastership, fear).

There is no arguing with the fact that an underlying cause lead to this phenomenon. It is something that has always existed. It is something that underlies all humankind. Since the early days of primitive society, people have been obeying some personalities like gods. In the TV-show, it is evident due to the presence of such figures as the king of the Seven Kingdoms, his counsellors, lords and others.

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In a profound sense, the social power means volitional relations between people about organization of joint activities, development and implementation of a social collective’s common interest. Nevertheless, there are different opinions on power as a social phenomenon. One sees it as a forced power connected externally as the subordination of the will of a particular person. Another assesses it as a creative power as the ability to control aiming to preserve the existing order. Others offer to consider power as not one-dimensional, internally contradictory social phenomenon. It is interacted with two elements – the creative and the violent. The latter idea is the best reflection of authorities as a social phenomenon in the Seven Kingdoms, since the maintenance of the established order is not complete without violent measures relative to society.

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Next to the facts, humans believe that morality is a social phenomenon. Its main aspect determines the specificity of social being. It is a function of regulation of human behaviour and interpersonal relationships. John Markey states that no society can emerge and exist on the soil of chaotic collision of blind, selfish interests without norms and orders (Markey 733). That is why the society must negotiate a social contract that guarantees the right to life and security, and limits state of zero orderliness. Therefore, certain nation and its laws arise out of the appointed morality. Accordingly, everything occurs in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. However, brutality and pressure on people accompany their behavioural norms. For this reason, in a TV-show’s world there is a system of prohibitions under morality – a taboo.

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As far as the audience can judged, in Game of Thrones taboos primarily relate to the prohibition of incest – sexual relations between relatives. The widow of the King Robert Baratheon, Cersei Lannister has sexual relations with her twin brother Jamie. Therefore, one can also determine this fact as adultery. It is hardly possible to assert that this relationship occurs without consequences. The queen has three children of her brother. Nevertheless, they are Baratheon’s heirs. Speaking about the cause of this phenomenon, one can determine it as perpetuating. It is possible to underpin it in that way that brother and sister, knowing of the taboo, continue the sexual relationship in defiance of the moral principles of society. This social phenomenon manifests itself in Lannister`s behaviour for a long time. It is impossible to say that there is no punishment for violation of morality. The Sparrows convicted Cersei for her sins. Astounding is the fact that they acquitted her only after she recognized sexual relations with her brother.

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Speaking about the last social phenomenon, sectarianism, it is complex and contradictory, a unique social phenomenon. On the one hand, there is no doubt that the social tensions in the contemporary world are the result of activities of organizations and groups that are cults. Development of sectarianism – is an objective process associated with the spiritual and material interests and needs of the people. The crisis in the spiritual life of society and the vacuum in the absence of the national ideology and national idea lead to the degradation of public institutions and personalities. An example of such phenomenon can be activities of religious movement of the Sparrows. Guided by the Faith of the Seven, they abuse power and seek to cleanse the kingdom under morality. The main type of this cause is direct.

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To sum up, social phenomena occupy a large part of human existence. It is an element of social reality, any expression of relationship or interaction between people, or even single event or occasion. While there is a society, there exist corresponding morality, certain taboos, and laws. In every medium, people consider them differently. However, social phenomena will be present everywhere, even in TV-shows.

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