Free «Social Media Impact on Rational Conversation» Essay

Social Media Impact on Rational Conversation

Social media forms a crucial aspect of our lives. It replaced the old model of communication where individuals could talk face to face. Despite the great advantages that emanate from social media, it is also notable that it has influenced our lives in very many negative ways. People no longer communicate like they used to do it before. The rational talks that people used to have with each other almost faded away. With the social media, the real essence of communication has been forgotten.  Online forums, discussion sites and social media have made it impossible to have rational communication without using abusive languages.

At first, the social media has brought people closer. People from different age groups have joined the social media. The numerous numbers of people, who use the social sites, have killed rational talks without abusive languages. It is hard for people to have an appropriate conversation on social media because it only requires enough people to start a story. As illustrated by Quin n’s ex-boyfriend, people will adopt stories whether they are true or false, they believe them without verifying or researching. They follow the ideologies of what is said or written and make their judgments.

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Doxxing, as Quinn’s block, was hacked, and personal information posted online became accessible to others, thus, this limits chances of rational conversations. Once your account is hacked people assume you posted ‘what you didn’t post on the internet’. You lose control over information that is released to the public. People converse and make judgments assuming they are talking to you, and it becomes complicated to reverse this process. Individuals who will be affected by the fake message will also try to fight back.

The above reinforces the fact that it is hard for people to maintain a rational communication without abuses and threats. Social media doesn’t concentrate on one person; related parties are also affected and attacked. Social media works with the concept of collaboration. Individuals who may not be the part of the conversation are allowed to contribute their opinions. 

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The issue of abusive languages and threats emanate from this point of view.  Individuals abuse each other since they are free to make any comment. The above proves how hard it is to maintain a rational communication through the social media. Just as in the case where the harassment turned from Quin to the social justice warriors where other women such as Anita Sarkeesian and Jenn Frank were involved.

Social media also limits chances of rational communication, because when individuals are communicating, they are more likely to expose their feelings without controlling them. People are more likely to threaten each other through the social sites rather than in the face to face communication.

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Social media is not limited to a two way connection. The communication provided by the social media is a multimedia one. It is a process that attracts a lot of people who may not be concerned or affected by the issue at hand. The fact that social media is a susceptible to multidimensional responses shrinks the opportunities of maintaining rational communication without abusing each other.

In addition, social media enables individuals to hide their identities. These features have made rational communication difficult. Malicious individuals take the opportunity to tarnish others and abuse them. Furthermore, people are likely to hide and expose fake feelings that they have on a specific issue on social media. These factor further constraints the possibility of having a rational communication without abuses.

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As Gamergate case revealed, social media allows individuals to form supporting and opposing blocks. The two sides exchange abuses and threats while communicating through the social media.

In conclusion, it is evident that it is impossible to have rational communication without abuses or threats in social media. This fact is also affirmed by the Gamergate case.

The White Privilege Still Exists

The white privilege has and still exists. It is the advantages, opportunity and protection which white persons enjoy while other people do not. The modern society supports the idea of white supremacy since the colonial period. As much as people got their independence, they still didn’t dominate their territories fully. The whites still have some influence on their decisions.

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Even today most inventors are the whites. They has invented most machines, vehicles and theories. Whatever we have today is as a result of their great minds. We still use their original or upgraded technology. read their inventions, and admire them since we were kids. They are practically our role models and that’s why we believe they are supreme.

It is evident that the whites are preferred in modern societies. This fact has obsessed most blacks. They have gone to the extent of bleaching their skins in order to look white. Celebrities like Michael Jackson did it for the fame and their career. It helped him to find greener pastures.

The whites’ supremacy still exists. They can dress in any way without being labeled a gun star. The white people don’t have to explain their culture and its advantages. You do not have to deal with being checked at every point by the police. The above proves that white supremacy is still prevalent.

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I still believe that the idea of whites exists because of the significance that white’s opinion has in the world. Whenever there is a global disaster, it is their opinion that we seek. They do not ask for ours when they have issues. Even in financial matters, they donate their fund, their skills and their ideas. It is rare that they will ever seek help from color people.

White people have good English. Their accent is okay. They know more English words and their meanings. They can communicate comfortably with most of the world compared to the people of color who have different mother tongues and struggle with their English. Color people admire the way they talk and try to copy their accent. The white supremacy becomes evident since others want to be like them.

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White’s privilege does exist. Although critics argue that the same doesn’t exist, it is very eminent that white supremacy is still an issue today. It is notable that black people have a lot of untapped potential. However, the idea of white supremacy still dominates in their minds. They do not believe that they can do better than whites. All they need is to be pulled out and given the freedom and opportunity to let out what they have to the world.

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