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In Detroit Free Press newspaper, I found the article “Obama, Michigan in talks to free up $100M to aid Detroit pension deal” by Matt Helms, Stephen Henderson, and Todd Spangler to be interesting and appropriate for the American Politics course. The article describes the current event in politics. The administration of the president of the USA, Barack Obama, is supposed to be working on a project that will result in preserving extra 100 million dollars for Detroit pensioners. Two people, who are sources of the information decided to remain anonymous, because they were not in a position to share this information officially. According to the sources, $100 million are going to be given to Detroit in federal money. Pension cuts might be reduced with the help of this money. This money can also be a part of the money supposed to be spent on the blight remediation of Detroit. Even though Obama said that government would not spend money on the cities which have big pension debts, he cannot let pensioners in Detroit suffer from the city debt, because they mostly vote for Democratic candidates during elections.

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In my opinion, the article “Almost 1000 gay couples have filed for CookCounty marriage licenses” by Michael Sneed in Chicago Sun Times newspaper is also appropriate for the course. It discusses a current political event. CookCounty received more that 950 applications for gay marriages including applications sent by 192 gay couples, who live outside Illinois. These couples are from about 23 different states around the USA. The number of applications is going to grow from now on, because summer is getting closer, and most couples plan to have a wedding in summer because of the warm weather. People need to wait for 60 days to receive a marriage license. Until now, more female than male couples sent the applications to the CookCounty office. However, the difference is not significant.

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