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Internet Assignment

Part One (a)

According to statistics, 87% of adult Americans use Internet. Among them, 76% do not even have a high school diploma. 42% of adult Americans use tablet computers. 74% of adult Americans use social networking sites. As of December 2012, two most common activities on Internet among adult Americans were using social network sites and using a search engine. On August 2013, 70% of Americans have broadband Internet access at their homes. Ten years ago, in 2003, only 16% of Americans had it.

The statistics showed that 13% of adult Americans do not use Internet. Pew Research made a study, which showed that the main reason of staying offline is Internet relevance. Adults say that they do not see any use in Internet; for them it is only a waste of time. One of the explanations is that some adults are too busy to use it.

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There is a lot of information about Internet users and using on Pew. However, there was one table that interested me a lot. First, I was shocked to find out that more than one tenth of adult Americans do not use Internet. I thought that every citizen of the United States of America has Internet connection and uses it constantly. Moreover, it surprised me to find out that 7% of Americans simply do not have Internet access. I thought that statistics about Internet use among adults in the country would not surprise me. I thought that more people aged 18 – 26 use Internet. Statistics shows that 89% of citizens of that age use Internet. All my friends and acquaintances use Internet daily.

Part One (b)

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In 2012, the total Internet advertising revenue was $ 36.75 billion. Display and search related advertising had the fastest growth. Search related advertising revenue was $ 16.9 billion, whereas display related advertising revenue was $ 11.1 billion. 46% of advertising revenue was from “search”, and 21% went to “display”. “Digital video” commercials take 6% of the advertising market.

Every day, people see many banners on the streets, highways, advertisements in stores, etc. However, I was surprised to see that “out of home” advertisement does not have the biggest revenue. This advertising market sector had only $ 7.5 billion revenue, whereas even magazines had $ 22.8 billion. Obviously, Internet commercials are the most popular and profitable way to advertise goods and services. Another statistics that shocked me was that mobile advertising increased by 111%. I did not think that it increased so much.

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When speaking about my expectations, I thought that the numbers of advertising industry revenue were not so high. Obviously, much money is spent on commercials. We see advertisements daily, everywhere around us, in our tablets, cell phones and computers. However, we do not realize how much money is earned and spent on that.

Part Two

Not so long ago, Apple announced a new way of payment for goods and services: ApplyPay. Some of the researchers and analysts even suggested that ApplePay was the most convenient and safest way to process payments. However, on October 27, 2014, one interesting piece of news appeared on Computer Weekly. The author stated that some drugstore chains rejected to accept AppePay. The point is that pharmaceutical companies had to deactivate near field communication (NFC) payments. The CVS representative calmed all the consumers, having said that they were working on the problem. However, the leaked information appeared on Internet. The point is that pharmaceutical companies are about to create their own payment system. We see that mobile payment methods are developing rapidly. Hence, every company is working on presenting its own mobile or Internet payment system.

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The piece of news relates to application layers of Internet. Here, it is obvious that there is a struggle between several payment systems, in this case, ApplePay and non-existing mobile payment system by pharmaceutical companies. Application layer is, perhaps, the most significant in the modern world. Much money is earned by using and developing applications. Hence, there is a great concern in having its own application for mobile payments in drug stores. Pharmaceutical companies are not willing to lose the money they can earn on advertising.

Part Three

For this assignment, I have chosen music industry, particularly, the way songs are written nowadays. Before Internet became widespread, several song writers and composers wrote songs or musicians did it themselves. Nowadays, there are many opportunities to find a song. On Internet, there are many services, which provide musicians with song texts and music for them. Moreover, there are several opportunities to have a new song. One may either buy it from new song writers, or those, who are well known among musicians. Another option is to become a co-writer. There are many people seeking a co-writer for a song, most of them can be found at one of the social networks. Besides, one may write a song, post its lyrics and find a composer for it.

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In my opinion, this opens up many opportunities not only for musicians but also for young song writers and composers. Nowadays, talented people have the opportunity to send their lyrics or music to their favorite musicians, and be heard. I would like to establish contests between new song writers and popular ones. I suggest that such practice will help change music industry. The point is that some song writers do not have new ideas and, hence, provide monotone lyrics that are similar to each other.

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