Free «Social Impact of Pieces of Music» Essay

Social Impact of Pieces of Music

Paul Dukas was an outstanding French composer and a teacher of orchestration. His artistic legacy consists of the great number of magnificent compositions such as La Peri, Ariadne and Bluebeard, Symphony in C major, Velleda, etc. The most prominent one is The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. It is a symphonic poem inspired by Goethe’s ballad about a boy, who is longing to become a magician.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was eminent among adherents of classical music, but this composition gained the greatest popularity after appearing in the Walt Disney’s “Fantasia”. It is a musical animated film where Mickey Mouse appears as the apprentice.

Several important moments should be mentioned concerning the social impact of the piece. First of all, this symphonic poem presents a brilliant harmony and progressive ideas. Composition and consolidation of tunes in the musical implementation of the piece appear to be a great heritage for musicians. It shows learners all the power of sounds.

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Another social influence is revealed by the fact that the composition owns the elements that inspire people. It helps different persons to believe in themselves and understand their possibilities. It teaches listeners not to underestimate their power and, at the same time, realize how acknowledged they are. It also assists in appropriate education.

Although classical music plays an important role in the world culture, it is not as widespread as any other genre of music. Walt Disney made The Sorcerer’s Apprentice immortal, presenting it to the audience. Probably, people think about Walt Disney’s “Fantasia” when they hear the tune for the first time, and only a small number of listeners know about Dukas’s masterpiece. However, despite ignorance about this chef-d'oeuvre’s origin, good perception of its interpretation has positive effect on people. Such experiences help them discover new works and make them interested in classical music.

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To sum up, Paul Dukas’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice will live in ages and inspire people to create everyday magic.

Carl Davis is an American-born composer who became the British one after the marriage with the English actress. Nowadays, he works as a conductor in London Philharmonic Orchestra. His name is also known for the number of compositions he created for TV programs and silent films. For instance, these are The Wednesday Play, Man Friday, The Kiss of Death, Go Down, Pride and Prejudice, Widows’ Peak, The Great Gatsby etc.

Pride and Prejudice is an adaptation of Jane Austin’s novel. Originally, the events of the novel take place at the beginning of the 19th century. According to this fact, musical interpretation should respond to the depicted time. Moreover, it is important to reproduce the sagacity and viability of the book. To fulfill the set tasks, the composer derived his inspiration from Beethoven’s masterpieces. Owing to virtuosic musicians, melodious illustration of Jane Austin’s ideas perfectly accompanied the events in the film.

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This work also shows its own impact on society. It acts as a significant tool of enlightenment, presenting classical music to the audience. Together with the image, it evokes either negative or positive feelings and emotions in the audience.

Moreover, musical compositions presented in the television drama are accompanied by dances. These elements assist in better understanding of the epoch depicted in the work. It provides the audience with knowledge about traditions and customs of the nineteenth century.

This piece of music influences personal development. For instance, if there are some incomprehensible parts in the piece, a person can find an explanation in an encyclopedia or search it on the internet. At the same time, some new aspects may be discovered, enriching the knowledge of the person. What is more, it can inspire an individual learning to play the musical instrument to be able to reproduce harmonies he heard.

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In conclusion, these two composers belong to different epochs, but they play inevitable role in the modern society. They brought exceptional music pieces to the audience and contributed to enrichment of their cultural views.

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