Free «Interest Groups and Texas Legislations» Essay

Interest Groups and Texas Legislations

Several interest groups exist in the state of Texas serving different legislative agendas. Some of these agendas relate to each other while others are contrasting in nature. However, the bottom line is the improvement of welfare of people and the environment they live in. This paper compares and contrasts the legislative agendas, strategies they use, and the successes and failures of different kinds of interest groups in Texas.

Texas Association of Business

The Texas Association of Business advocates and testifies on the need for lower taxes, less government interference, and fewer regulations. The main goal of the group is to maintain conservative businesses practices that allow organizations to compete fairly and at the same time conserve the environment.

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As its strategy,TAB works through collaborations, advocacy, and public education to bring to the attention of legislators in Texas over an issue that is of interest to their members. The group also uses courts, policies, and legislations already in existence in their advocacy.

The recent accomplishment by TAB was the 2007 lobbying on immigrations issues that were before the legislators. Through association with other liberal groups, TAB managed to stop many immigration bills considered stringent businesses in Texas.

Texans for Lawsuit Reform

This is an interest group that was formed in 1993 to lobby for tort reformations and to limit the number of lawsuits in Texas. According to the description on its website, TLR focuses on restoration of traditional and appropriate role of litigation in the society through advocacy and counteractions.

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In its strategy, TLR works with political heavyweights in Texas to influence the legislations that govern the state.  This may include financial support to politicians. This is evident in the rising of the group to prominence after the election of George W. Bush as the governor of Texas in 1994.

TLR was responsible for the passing of a Bill that reduced medical malpractice suits and limited the amount of the resulting contingency fees. In addition, the group lobbied for limits in punitive damages and influenced the reformation in court procedures. However, the group struggles with claims of using money to manipulate legislators especially during elections.

The Texas Legislature

This group works during and after campaigns to bring legislators to the attention of the issues that are important to the communities. In its meetings, the group includes other small groups like lobbyists for hiring employees of the larger group. 

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In its strategy, it uses many contributions and investment in employees of smaller groups that are capable of lobbying their interests in the management of the public affairs. The group meets regularly, to ensure that it is always prepared to tackle any issue that will arise. It also uses member registration to source funds in order to manage the running of its activities. 

The Texas Legislature is an instrument in the passage of policies that govern the activities of policy makers in Texas including in business, education, manufacturing, and environment. However, the group fails to account for millions of money in member contributions

Texas Watch

This group works in the best interest of the public by ensuring that insurance firms and corporations remain accountable to their clients. The main goal of Texas Watch is to enhance rights, protections, and liberty of all families and consumers in Texas.

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In its strategy, Texas Watch uses grassroots advocacy to bring people on board over the issues that are important to them. This is done through the emphasis of constitutional rights, where the group argues that the constitution protects the right and liberties of people but not of companies and corporates that aim at making profits.

Texas Watch has been on the forefront to provide legislative and regulatory activities to consumers in all sectors of the economy and those who have been assisted attest to the important role that the group played.


From the above discussion, it is evident that different interest groups have helped to improve the lives of the people in Texas. The interests that the groups address can either be similar or totally opposite to each other, but the bottom line remains; serving the interests of the public. 

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