Free «The Features of Students’ Development» Essay

The Features of Students’ Development

Recent pedagogical surveys have indicated that the manner of teachers’ communication with learners plays the most important role in the audiovisual development of students. To be more exact, it is achieved through intensive intercourse, i.e. private and inner speeches. The main assumption of supporters of the theory is the more students are subjected to the learning activities of their tutors, the quicker and more effective their scientific development is. Although scientists disputed validity of the theory at the initial stages of pedagogy, the role of inner and private communication is considered to be vital today.


Overall, the message of the article is that the importance of teacher-student communication for the development of young people should never be undervalued by mentors and practicing psychologists. Effective and full communication between aforementioned groups is an indispensable factor required for learners’ personal and social development. Having evaluated scientific and practical significance of the article, it should be stated that the title of the article is entirely consistent with its content; the researchers have profoundly and methodically explored the issue and correctly and logically applied all empirical and theoretical evidence. Although the connection between ideas and arguments seems to be doubtful, the conclusions are relatively logical, and only further exploration of the research questions may help find the alleged flaws of the study.

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