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Issues In Strategy Implementation

In every business organization, the sole aim of operating the business is to earn a profit. Businesses do this by converting some resources into finished products, which are then sold for money income. In order to achieve this, various aspects need to be planned and organized to work in line with the planned objectives. Human resources are to be employed in these processes, too. All this calls for drawing of strategy and implementing it to realize the set goals. Therefore, the issue of strategy is paramount towards the execution and achievement of organizational goals.

Research findings show that only sixty per cent of set strategies would yield potential of the set strategies (Donald, 1999). This shows that somehow there are some parts of the strategies that are not operational to their fullest extent, thereby causing the incomplete potential utilization. This mishap must be found out and eliminated so that the maximum ability is realized. Two causes have been identified as being responsible for the incomplete achievement of the abilities of the strategies; sometimes the management presses for better implementation of the strategies when what is wrong is the strategy, indeed. An incorrect strategy would never produce the desired results, as it would not be in conformity with the operations of the organization. Therefore, in designing the strategy, it must be correct as it regards the functioning of the organization and be in line with the set objectives.

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The second mistake that accounts for the less effectiveness of strategies towards the realization of organizational objectives is the designing of a new strategy. The implementation part may be faulty in the designed strategies. The strategy is well set, but the execution remains ineffective, thereby no actual full implementation is done as envisaged in the design or formulation of the strategy. The management, therefore, requires understanding the extent of implementation works needed and the necessary capacity for the execution of the duties. The human resource needed should be well qualified and experienced for the work. This, if available, would promise full implementation and thereby leading to the realization of the organizational objectives through the strategies set.

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In view of the foregoing, the following solutions have been proposed as having the ability to enhance the achievement of the set goals based on the working of the strategies (Schlesinger 1991). An organization needs to view strategic planning and implementation as closely intertwined. When drawing the strategies, there should be close look at the implementation side of it. Only strategies, which are easy and viable for implementation and promise many gains to the organization, should be chosen. Strategies, which are incapable of execution, should not be drawn since they are impractical. Therefore, those who make the strategies need to check how effective they are when it comes to implementing them. This way, practical strategies would be drawn; therefore, they would be capable of implantation and thus, realization of set objectives for the organization.

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The strategy should be made clear. What needs to be done, who to do it, what is required for it to be done and the expected results should be easily foreseen (Hamel & Prahalad, 1989). This would allow for correct analysis of all areas and, therefore, easy for meaningful amendments to be made with the sole aim of improving the final objectives. It also allows for quick and easy understanding of the roles to all those involved and thus easy for execution of the duties assigned to them. Implementation will also be quick and effective since it is easily understood by the executors. Those to monitor the progress are also to be presented with an easy task whereby they are able to report on the progress of the implementation and the results thereby achieved, effectively. All these would allow for the effective understanding of the strategy and its implementation and evaluation.

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The resources needed for the implantation of the strategy should be made available early enough so that all the activities needed to be catered for are attended. This would allow for the smooth running of the process, and thereby likely to guarantee the achievement of the envisaged goals. It also means that, should the resources run out early before the implementation is finalized, there would still be sufficient time available for the arrangement to be made for the acquisition of new ones, so that the operations are not halted. Therefore, allocation of resources is crucial early enough, during the planning process.

Continuous monitoring of the implementation and the performance is vital (Prahalad, 1990). This allows for the evaluation of strategies to determine whether they are in line with the set objectives. Where it is determined that the strategies are yielding the desired goals, they should be supported and fully implemented. Where the results are negative and do not promise the set goals, they are to be reviewed as to their suitability and, if need be, they should be dropped in favor of the new ones, which would deliver set aims and be used. It is through close monitoring that it can be realized whether the strategies are performing as desired on not and, therefore, the making of informed decisions would be possible.

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The management who draws the strategies should be able to challenge the assumptions made so that only the best ones are taken or assumed. This would guide in the formulation of realistic and practical strategies that are capable of implementation in line with the set goals. Those in positions of making decisions must speak with one voice and act as one unit. This would ensure proper coordination for the effective implementation of the strategies. The management should also make priorities and handle those matters that are of importance, first. This would ensure that critical areas are catered first and less critical ones catered later. This would also guide in the allocation of resources so that the crucial areas are given priority. The execution ability should then also be developed (Robert 2000). Those involved in the implementation should be qualified and demonstrate the expertise for the job.

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The following points have been stated as being responsible for performance loss even with a proper strategy. Inadequate resources curtail the ability of the organization to implement some strategies. This, therefore, leads to incomplete realization of the performance set, since there is not full assistance accorded to the set strategies. Other strategies are poorly communicated (Robert 2000). This leads to poor understanding by those to be involved in the implementation and, therefore, affect the effective implementation and, thereby, the incomplete achievement of the set objectives. Where the actions required for the implementation of the strategies are unclear, there would be incomplete execution, as well. This would compromise the performance and, thereby, the achievement of set goals put in jeopardy.

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There are other organizational silos and cultures, which may not support the strategies, set (Donald 1999). Therefore, for the realization of set aims, the cultures that would present impediments should be done away with so that the objectives are realized. The last reason is inadequate performance monitoring. Where it is haphazardly done, it would be difficult for the management to determine whether the strategies are effective or are ineffective and need to be abolished or be avoided. Therefore, it is vital that performance monitoring is up to date so that the correct actions regarding the organizational strategies are determined for effective decision-making.

Organizational strategies are vital and would guarantee gains to the organization if properly drawn and implemented. However, there are many challenges to the design of the strategies and the implementation, which must closely be monitored. Where strategies are correctly drawn and implemented, the set objectives would be realized while where due diligence is not exercised, the strategies would be fruitless.

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