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Managing Diversity

A strategy is a plan designed to attain a desired goal which is in a position of advantage over adversaries. It also focuses on exploiting the emerging possibilities to the best way possible. A strategy has to include choices or set of options, due to future uncertainties. Strategies to manage diversity, therefore, are proposed plans of action to achieve a position of an advantage over the others.

Managing diversity for success in order to attain a competitive advantage over the others entails a step by step process. Firstly, a firm should recognize the economic consequences that it is vulnerable. Firms should design effective strategies to manage diversity in order to avoid cases of making low productivity, decreased employees turnover, lost opportunities, and potential employment law mistakes. (Bowman, & Asch, 1996) To make these strategies effective, the decision makers need see these loop holes as a business problem, and acknowledge the importance of developing an effective strategy for managing diversity for success.

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Secondly, the firm should develop an effective strategy for managing diversity for success. This include, communicating with employees- which is the basic in the four step process. The method of communication varies depending on locations, or the number of employees. It is of significance because when they get information of the strategies the firm will undertake, places the M.D.S process at an advantage to enhance productivity and success. It also reduces cases of misinformation that slows the effectiveness of M.D.S. Management should allocate responsibilities. The management sees through development, implementation, monitoring, and reviewing the firm’s diversity efforts. This means it has to make vital decisions in the allocation of duties to individuals who will make M.D.S successful for the firm’s success. The individual should have desirable characteristics, for example, demonstrating commitment to principles of inclusion, a decision maker with authority to lead and act on recommendations.

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Establishing a diversity council or task force, the integral business partner makes a final report of the findings prepared for management. Its establishment creates an opportunity to involve the company’s diversity champions in the implementation process. (Watson, 2000) Building accountability starts with the C.E.O making a clear statement of his/ her expectations and effects from the diversity process. This shows his/her interest to the employees, suppliers, and customers about the strategies.

Evaluating the diversity strategy is the final step. The aim of M.D.S is to bring diversity. Therefore, to achieve M.D.S, the management evaluates each component of diversity strategies to predict success, determine loopholes, and new opportunities to allow the revision of diversity strategy. The evaluation clearly defines the business goals and achievements that are related to the diversity plan for managing diversity for success. The effects of the strategies are evidenced from the business product and services. In conclusion, the four steps should be followed accordingly in order for the firm to achieve its strategies.

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