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Property Accountability

Business communications should be based on a well organized system of personal and corporate responsibility (Turner, 2009). The objective of this project is to create an effective scheme of property accountability, which would give the opportunity to undertake the permanent, overall, and authentic control under the process of employing the liability.

In order to successfully perform the project, qualified members of the team will be selected by carrying out the professional selection though the competition, or by using the services of recruiting agencies. The effective management of the project can be undertaken only by professionals with an appropriate education, sufficient knowledge, personal qualities, strong motivation, and perfect skills in exact areas (Elonen & Artto, 2010). Thus, the members of the team are obliged to be knowledgeable in the following fields: account assets, account management, activity based management, certified public accountant fiduciary duty, and commercial property valuation. Each member of the team will perform the exact task, so all of them, including business managers, lawyers, and economists, should have the required knowledge.

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First of all, the project will positively effect the social environment. A perfectly organized system of property accountability will create a device to monitor people’s performance or to teach people to be more self-reliant while performing their job. Nowadays, the accountability should be also established in the international environment. The project will invent the tool, using which the mistakes in international communication can be avoided (PMBOK Guide, 2010).

In order to accomplish the goals of the project, an effective system of management should be created. The team will be divided into three groups: administrators, executors, and supervisors. The triune structure will guarantee the performance of the established goals. The project manager will serve the main role in the project management. He/she will control, monitor, review the deadlines and budget, and will be responsible for all actions of the team. (Turner, Grude, & Thurloway, 2009).

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