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Toyota Safety Concept

Nowadays, Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the largest automakers in the world and the largest Japan’s car maker. Its cars occupy the first lines in the rankings of the safest passenger vehicles. The products of this mega business group are extremely popular in every continent. Toyota Company has the tagline “Moving Forward”, which fully reflects the strategic goals of the corporation. It pays special attention to the use of modern technologies while producing new cars. The hybrid technology of the known Japanese manufacturer deserved reputation for such models as “Prius”, “Estima Hybrid”, and “Crown". Consequently, this very popular company with its extremely reliable production pays the great attention to the safety issues.

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Toyota vehicles have the status of safe and quality products. Its cars are in demand in extreme sport activities and its repair parts are characterized as capable for an expected lifetime. All models descended from the conveyor, are equipped with an anti- lock braking system, which provides braking force distribution, and prevents skidding and accidents when driving along wet or slippery roads. In the case of emergency braking, the smart system automatically analyzes and determines the gradient of the force on the pedal. In addition, representatives of the company announced that in the near future all mass produced models that sold in domestic and foreign markets, will be staffed by an innovative safety system. The engineering department of Toyota Motor Corporation developed a system of unique spares which will be capable to operate within the millimeter’s range and will work as super sensitive radar (Hamada, 2012).Thus, when the car will be approaching fast to some static or dynamic obstacles the system will automatically increase the sensitivity of a brake pedal and will attract driver’s attention through a warning beep.

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Besides the passive safety tools like seat belts, increased body rigidity, headrests, the correct location of the engine and gearbox, etc., Toyota vehicles have a great amount of innovative active systems, which minimize the consequences of a car accident, or even neutralize it. It is obvious that the company, which produces the safest cars, has to equip its production with common and widespread tolls, such as anti-lock brakes, traction control, Electronic Stability Control, Electronic brakeforce distribution, Anti-lock braking system, and Viskodrive. Moreover, the advanced car systems allow protecting the lives and health of the driver and passengers inside the car (Chung & Kleiner, 2013). For example, when the radar detects an inevitable head-on collision, the seats will be in such position, which will increase the effectiveness of all safety tools like airbags and seat belts.

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In January 11, 2013 Toyota Motor Corporation took part in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)in Las Vegas and presented its strategy of future accident-free driving. The basis of the security concept is a holistic integration. This implies that the road safety is considered as an integrated structure made up of people, vehicles and traffic environment. Thus, both active and passive vehicles security systems will be connected together. The above mentioned concept was showcased by Toyota on the example of Lexus LS, which was equipped by various sensors and control systems (Hamada, 2012). These improvements allow a car to display the traffic conditions. The technology should improve the driver's ability to oversee dangerous situations and make right decisions in difficult situations. The researched vehicle had a navigation system, stereo cameras, radar and new laser “360 ° LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)” (Hamada, 2012). All these improvements are able to detect moving objects in the vicinity of the vehicle, distinguish green and red light and measure a car speed on the road.

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Despite the fact that some of the mentioned innovations are at the design stage, the company’s desire to ensure total safety of a driver, passengers and other participants of traffic gives the opportunity to realize that the Toyota produces one of the most reliable cars in the world, and its safety policy is consistent, robust and geared to ensuring the road traffic safety.

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