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Media Consumption

Nowadays, media is the most profitable kind of business, since it is a part of almost every person’s life. People use different kinds of media daily, sometimes even too much, because media draws into the world of news, facts, information, movies, so on. There are several types of media: television, radio, press, and Internet.

The overall media consumption during 3 days revealed that most of all I use social media, namely: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I rely on this media due the fact that the information about friends (their news and photos) is the most important piece of information for me, therefore, by using these websites I can definitely understand what is going on. I consider my consumption of social media to be normal. It it not surprisingly to me at all, since I do spend a lot of time reading some news of friends or even celebrities, when I read twitter, for example.

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Looking at the time I spend using all kinds of media amazed me, because I even couldn’t imagine that so much time is lost for such trifles as movies, for example. Unfortunately, the time I use media is constant and stable, so maybe I will try to change something and use my time more wisely.

The pie charts show that I spend most time on social media, however, I get most of my news through TV media, since I watch some TV programs that are useful, and also I watch the news from all over the world every day. Taking into account this fact, it is possible to conclude that TV media gives me most of my news, and it is a characteristic of my normal consumption. On the other hand, social media also gives me an opportunity to get to know a great number of pieces of news, and it is also important to me.

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When it comes to talking with other people of my age, I can proudly say that I usually know all the current events and I don’t feel as if I were in the dumps, I can always answer to some question regarding latest news and events. Therefore, I can draw a conclusion that I spend enough time consuming diverse types of media.

Due to the fast spreading of media throughout the world, maybe I am going to connect my life exactly with media. In this area current events are the keys towards success, meaning that if I spend my time on consuming TV media (namely news and events), social media (to get to know some personal news), and Internet (just to search some interesting articles to me), I will be able to work in media and, perhaps, reach success. My goals are not only to know the current events, but also to find my calling in this sphere. There is a great number of types of media (as it has been already mentioned above), and I am willing to find that type of media that will mostly correspond to my preferences.

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When I start to read my messages on Facebook or in the phone, I understand that there is no use of it, but I still use social media more than any other kind of it. The matter is that I tend to reckon that social media is not only a source of information, but also it helps to be in touch with friends. There are times when, for example, it is raining and it is impossible to see your friends, but social media can help to talk with your friends online. As for other advantages of using social media, one can remark that it is possible to read some pieces of news and broaden the horizons, learn and discover something new. I use media to ameliorate my speech, since there are articles that are written in literary language, to find out some creative and new ideas, to be aware of currents events and to spend my leisure time.

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