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Lefty for the Day

Business managers and professionals have a responsibility to understand that in order for a business to achieve success, the setting should be conducive and accommodating to different aspects of the employees’ lives. Basically, this refers to effectively communication and interaction between diverse groups of people. The types of differences that need to be highlighted both on a personal and professional capacity includes gender, culture and ethnicity. Stereotyping based on culture, gender and ethnicity needs in a business setting needs to be unwound and challenged in order to provide an operational and social environment that is accommodating and conducive for personnel and the public.

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Acknowledging and appreciating different cultural ethnicities in the work place is important in creating a suitable and favorable working environment for people from different backgrounds. (Moran et al, 2010). It is not unusual to find certain cultures that believe their way of life is universally acceptable. According to Moran et al (2010) Americans, German and British natives assume that their communication style is widely received around the world. This implies that extremely universalistic societies believe their practices and ideas can be acceptable anywhere without any adaptations. On the contrary, effective communication and valuable interaction in business require managers and professionals to be understanding of other people’s cultures. Through open and effective communications, in the work place, a suitable and accommodating environment is created.

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Additionally, Moran et al, (2010) note that the presence of immigrants in the United States is changing the way business activities in most companies, both big and small, are carried out. They conclude that it is very important for any company to be seen as adopting a multi-cultural approach in its operations with clients and employees alike. Public interest plays a major part in affairs ranging from politics to business, and its influence in the business environment cannot be ignored. An important objective in all businesses, whether public or private, is the satisfaction of the public. Once this is achieved, the business is able to operate in an environment that is not challenged by the influential public chorus of disapproval on matters on discrimination and segregation. It is important for a business to identify and appreciate different aspects of people in order not to disrupt the sensitive public equilibrium and turn it against the organization.

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Diversity in the workplace is very important. However, the reality is that the corporate culture in America generally works against minorities and women to a large extent (Karsten, 2006). For instance, the conversational styles used by most women in business and corporations tend to be less popular than those used by their male counterparts. Because of this, most women are often ignored during promotions, are considered less capable in their work, and their ideas are not considered as worthwhile as those of men. Much of this can be attributed to childhood, when most girls are taught to downplay their weaknesses through being nice to other people, completely disregarding their personal desires. On the other hand, boys were taught to take advantage of the weaknesses of others and claim domination and power over them if necessary (Karsten, 2006). Individuals who hail from different regions also face this predicament, with some men who lack self confidence also treated as weak.

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The ball and sock experiment is a perfect illustration of the negative aspects of being in a world where one has to conform to existing circumstances in a new and unfamiliar environment. The experience of the lefty for the day experimentwas in fact very challenging to say the least. One is placed at some level of disadvantage as a result of having to adapt to an environment that does not suit ones needs. Having the ball taped on my right hand, the hand was rendered absolutely useless hindering my ability to carry out normal everyday activities. With no alternative other than to use my left hand as my primary arm, I came to appreciate the significant role my right arm plays in carrying out my daily routines. I could not help but imagine the circumstances immigrants; minorities and women go through every day in a world where conformity is a key factor to survival. As the popular adage goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that these individuals experience a handful of adversities in order to succeed in the business world.

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It is important for the managers and professionals to assist in accommodating different attributes of different individuals in a business setting. This, however, can only be done once they understand the cultural, ethnic and gender differences present in the business environment. Women, minorities and immigrants are just a few of the individuals subjected to an unbalanced working environment. It considerations are important in creating a conducive internal and external working environment, creating effective communication as well as satisfying and appreciating different needs of the employees. Only then can a manager obtain maximum production from the personnel and ensure that business operations are not challenged in any way.

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