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In the book, Prue is a name of a girl who studies in a school. She was born in Canada in Vancouver Island. The book shows her life in a short entertaining story about a real incident or person. Everyone always felt cheered up by listening to her, people used to say about her she is the one who does not take herself too seriously. She does not make hassle of complaints except of her name.

Her name Prue was given to her by her parents. Her parents must have been too thoughtless even to take version of youth. She got a job in Toronto for doing work in a plant shop. There she had also many friends at that time who were also the friends of Gordon and his wife. All of them liked Prue very much.

Gordon is a very rich person as compared to Prue. He is actually a neurologist. He lives on a new made house which is built on hillside north of the city where there is used to be pictorial and unbeneficial farms.

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Prue and Gordon used to live together because Gordon had left his wife and later after some time Gordon and his wife had taken divorce. After which his wife went far to New Zealand for good of both of them. First time Gordon had met Prue in Vancouver Island where Prue was being working in a resort hotel as a hostess. Further she got a job in Toronto in a plant shop.

As the time goes on Prue’s children which were called a cosmic disaster by Prue had grown up. They had come to see their mother instead of need of money like other children usually comes for to their parents; they brought many presents and arranged her house insulated and also tried their best to do her accounts. Prue had become quite happy with them and their presents. She had listened to their advices carefully and act upon them too. Her children expected that she is not living in Toronto due to Gordon. Prue used to go out some times with different men. According to her behavior sex is quite calming to those of her friends who used to go into terrible condition of passion and envy. Her vision relating sex was as a whole some somewhat stupid luxury like dancing. So occasionally Gordon sometimes used to come to see Prue and asked her to go out with him for dinner .But as Gordon is a good cook so they might not go to a restaurant or a hotel, they would go to his own house. So Prue and Gordon having dinner recently. He had made some thing for desert and like other serious cooks used to talk about food with her.

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Suddenly the door bell had rung during the dinner .Gordon went down to check out the door, Prue has heard the voice of a female person but as the person was still outside the house so she can not hear the voice clearly. But rather than she had heard Gordon threatening someone in a low pitch voice. Unexpectedly Gordon cried and appeared while waving his hands and said to Prue to look after the desert, so she went to the kitchen for saving the desert but as she had returned he was being climbing the stairs little by little and said to Prue that it was just a friend at the door then Prue told him that the desert is still perfect as she went there in time. Gordon by listening this had thanked her but did not cheer up. Due to this act of him it was cleared to Prue that the desert was not the issue of his tensed face it was something that had happened at the door. However she started to ask professional questions about plants from Gordon to take his mind out off that. Then suddenly Gordon said to Prue that he liked to marry her. There was a slammed at the door by any one and Gordon rapidly came back in view. He again showed Prue that nothing serious had happened to make her sit down. Then after a mean while he told her that the person who is at the door threw a bag on me filled with cans .She had watched him decant himself a drink .When Prue went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee Gordon also followed her and told her that he thought that he is in love with that person so Prue refused to marry him in a few years time after he recover from being in love. Gordon replied in yes and said that nobody knew about what could happen in a few years time.

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She had not mentioned that she had picked a cufflinks of Gordon from his dresser which are quite expensive. According to her taking one of cufflinks is not a theft .She was alone in his house as he gone off as usual. Actually it was Prue who had helped him a lot .His wife came back that time When she reached home back she puts that one cufflink in a old tin. very time she dose not take some thing from there but some times do and put it in that tin of Tobacco .

From my point of view Prue is a very intelligent lady as she had used her brain in all the situation. It is very cleared from this story that every thing can be made possible by using the minds and by good planning. As she used to go to Gordon’s house and steal different vulnerable items and then hide them in a tin of Tobacco. Due to her cleverness Gordon never came to know about that. Another situation which is being analyzed in this story is when Prue is being offered by Gordon for marriage. That time also she had taken the decision with quite intelligence and even made Gordon fooled with her words. Not like today as ladies are being made fool by men. Usually now a days girls by seeing the richness and personality of a man they don’t refuse their proposals and are made fool by them later after sex. Hence Prue was herself a character motivated person, by her attitude and behavior everyone is being motivated by her personality and attracted as well .She has a great ego among every persons. She had her own vision about sexism and all. Nor she felt ashamed when she used to go out with different men.

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My title to this story would be “A CLEVER GIRL PRUE”

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