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The radio is one of the most important inventions in the history. A lot of people have got used to the thought that radio is only a way of entertaining oneself and broadcasting news and important information. However, this device has served as an essential equipment during the most difficult and tough times suffered by the humanity. Moreover, it was a basis for the development of more modern means of communication available today.

The process of invention of the abovementioned device was very unusual since various countries consider different people to be the inventors of the radio. In fact, the first patent for the cordless network was issued to Mahlon Loomis in 1872 when he stated that he had concocted the phenomenon of wireless network. In Germany, the inventor of radio is supposed to be Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (1888), in the USA – David Edward Hughes (1878) and Thomas Edison (1875), in some parts of the USA and Balkan countries – Nikola Tesla (1891), and in the United Kingdom - Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge (1894). The French considered Édouard Branly to be the inventor of wireless telegraphy for quite a long period of time. In fact, he created the coherer around 1890 (Dilhac, 2009). At the same time, Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose demonstrated radio transmission in the millimeter diapason in India (Aggarwal, n.d.). Besides, a number of countries consider Guglielmo Marconi to be the creator of the first working system for interchanging information with the help of radio waves, or radiotelegraphy (Smith-Rose, n.d.b.). The Russians traditionally support the opinion that the inventor of radiotelegraphy was Popov (Smith-Rose, n.d.a). The device created by Popov sensed the emission of radio signals at the distance of 60 m. Popov tested his invention in a physical room and outdoors.

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Independently from the creator, the device quickly found its place in various spheres of life. Early uses of the radio were maritime. It sent telegraphic messages with the help of Morse code; thus there could be a radiographic connection between ships and land. Besides, the radio was used by the army forces to pass on orders between armies and navies from both sides during World War I. Moreover, the Germans utilized radio communications to exchange diplomatic messages. They started using the radio after they had found out about the British having tapped German submarine cables. Additionally, the government of the United States forwarded the Fourteen Points of President Woodrow Wilson to Germany with the help of the radio during the war. Furthermore, broadcasting became available soon. It began from San Jose in California in the year 1909 and was widely used in the 1920s (Schneider, n.d.). The reason for that was the widespread introduction of radio receivers, especially in Europe and America.

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Nowadays, the radio exists in many forms, such as wireless networks and mobile communications of different kinds. Besides, radio broadcasting has become especially popular. Before the invention of television, commercial radio broadcasts consisted not only of pieces of news and musical works, but of dramas, various shows, comedies, and a lot of other forms of entertainment. Radio was a unique method of dramatic presentation that used only sound. Though such kinds of activity are not very popular today, we still use radio for a number of purposes. Despite serving us as a means of entertainment, the radio is an essential device for the police officers, security officers, guards, army soldiers, navy employees, taxi drivers, and a lot of other necessary professional representatives. Thus, the invention of this device should not be underestimated. It is necessary to remember that the radio not only makes our life much easier, but promotes the development of other spheres of human activity by taking upon itself the function of communication and enabling people to concentrate on other essential aspects of their job.

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