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Every year, the industry for servicing pets is gaining momentum. Model houses, restaurants, and even clubs are created for our smaller brothers. At times, the lives of cats and dogs nowadays can be envied by people. Pets can even have their composers who compose them special relaxing music. The benefits of civilization, which people are accustomed to use, are not alien to pets. Dogs and cats of wealthy owners around the world know perfectly well what claw varnish, perfume, and wool paint mean. Even the sunglasses for dogs are not something new among avid doggies. This paper discusses the services of veterinary van, which help to make pets healthy, happy, and cute.

The Right Choice of the Veterinary

The German Veterinary Clinic in Abu Dhabi is one of the best veterinaries, since the staff has the following qualities:

  • They, like an owner and his/her pet, as trust, in this case, equals safety, because the specialists use different dangerous tools.
  • They are kind and love animals. For example, grooming should not have the thought to knock or slap the animal, even if it growls, scratches or bites.
  • They know the anatomy of any breed and the features of creative grooming.
  • They are pleasant in communication.

This clinic has been taking care of pets using ethical and humane procedures for six years (German Veterinary Clinic, n.d.). They always ask some questions to better understand the animal and its features, owners’ wishes and expectations.

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Services of the Veterinary Van

The veterinary van in the German Veterinary Clinic (n.d.) in Abu Dhabi is a unique invention that can offer people a full range of services for professional care for pets, thanks to which they will necessarily become cute, healthy, tidy and truly happy. This new invention is one of the most comfortable means for pets, since owners can take all services at home.

This veterinary van includes a full range of the most diverse services for the care of pets, including:

  • Spa treatment;
  • Massage;
  • Creative grooming (haircut, glitter-tattoo, rhinestones etc.);
  • Treatment.

The veterinary van offers care at home, realizing that not always an owner has the opportunity to take a pet to the clinic. The veterinary has higher veterinary education and experience working with various animals. The staff gives selfless love for animals, a desire to help them any time of the day, if necessary. That is why every specialist is affectionate and kind to any animal.

The technical side is also thought in the veterinary van. The veterinary always has all the necessary equipment: an electrocardiograph, an X-ray machine, and an ultrasound scanner. Also, it includes necessary medical tools for the collection of material for laboratory research, dental treatment and drugs for emergency help to animals.

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Thanks to the modern medical equipment, a veterinarian can accurately and quickly diagnose a problem, and, thanks to medications, immediately begins treatment, which is very important for a fight against the disease. Early veterinary care at home will allow owners to protect their pets from unnecessary disturbances, as well as make them look cute and healthy.

Spa Treatment

These restorative procedures are more than a necessity in today’s everyday life due to air pollution, and are especially relevant for animals living in the city. Spa is an enriching procedure for animals to get firm and gentle skin (Smith, n.d.). Long-term exposure to aggressive environmental factors without deep cleaning can cause various skin diseases, namely skin and wool problems. Spa procedures are needed in order to avoid serious diseases, normalize metabolic processes in skin and help its breathing.

There are several main areas of spa treatments for animals, namely thalassotherapy and aromatherapy. It is very useful for pets, since spa treatments reduce nervousness, normalize blood pressure and pulse, so it can be a good addition to a correction of animals’ behavior.

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In addition, professional masks for premium pets are used. Masks are famous for their rich composition of nutrients, namely vitamins, minerals and acids. From the first use, a positive tendency is observed to improve wool structure, which acquires a healthy appearance, becomes nourished and restored. For each type of wool, as for rocks, special masks are provided. Due to this van, animals have the opportunity to enjoy mud and oil treatments, special relaxing and tonic baths with useful minerals at home. Thus, in order to thank favorite pets for tireless year-round care of good mood people can use not only goodies, but also usefulness.

Washing and freshness of breath can really change the life of a pet for the better and make it happy and healthy. In the van, the room is equipped in such a way that owners have the opportunity to observe the entire process of spa from the beginning to the end, without distracting the masters.


Therapeutic massage for pets is the practice that came to the veterinary medicine from the human one. The procedure of massage can join a pet and an owner (Lightfoot Way, n.d.). This massage can help a pet feel better without experiencing pain and discomfort. Therapeutic massage is a combination of various effects on the soft tissues of the body using special methods that include pressure, movement of tissues in different directions, rubbing and vibrations. Some types of massage include the so-called blows, when each blow has a specific purpose and application.

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Simple stroking or petting a pet is usually used at the beginning and at the end of a massage session. Stroking contains running the hand with light or medium pressure from the head to the tail. The start of massage with stroking helps a pet to relax, and lays the foundation for the rest of the massage. It also helps to assess the condition of tissues with increased stress, and identify any bumps, swelling and temperature differences.

A typical massage procedure involves tapping with an average pressure level, when using a hand piece. Such a massage, as a rule, is oriented along the muscle lines and affects the surface tissues. Beating is mainly performed towards the heart and is used to increase circulation of blood and lymph, which can be very effective in controlling swelling.

The next deeper massage is kneading, which involves the steps of squeezing and rubbing the muscles and skin over them. It is used to relieve spasms and muscle tension. With this massage, the muscles can be completely mashed and heated. Finally, the massage can also include stronger chopping strokes. Such attacks are usually applied in massive areas of muscles with the help of the palm rim. Another type of blow is stabbing, when strokes are applied with strong pressure with slightly curved fingers.

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Creative Grooming

Creative grooming is a trendy and creative mode to update the appearance of pets. Grooming is the main care for animals (ACS Distance Education, n.d.). Although a favorite animal will never get bored, sometimes it is necessary to change its appearance. Since there is only a small amount of traditional hairstyles for each breed, it is important to use creative grooming. Creative grooming is a non-standard haircut and coloring of pet’s wool. The wool is cut and painted in such a way that the animal’s body appears as a variety of pictures and forms.

Creative grooming, including staining in unusual colors, intricate hairstyles, using varnish and gel, lamination of wool, creative design of claws, drawing of tattoos and even implanting rhinestones in teeth has become almost a craze for many pet owners. As a result of several hours of the master-groomer, after applying paints, varnishes, hairpins and other additional accessories, a pet is turned into a camel, panda, giraffe, lion and even a fish.

Professional Haircuts

It turns out that the haircut can be made not only for dogs and cats. A hairstyle can be made, for example, for rabbits and for chinchillas. In addition, the haircut can be ordinary, model, and with a pattern. Also, wool can be stained and straightened. If there are coils, they are also removed by professionals. Haircuts can also be exhibition, home and hygienic ones. For exhibition animals, the prize-winning place can depend on mastery of the groomer, as he/she must strictly observe all the parameters of cutting of each pet. Also, at a house hairstyle, the wishes of an owner can be considered. Regarding hygienic ones, a groomer should take all necessary procedures on care of wool that a pet does not have inconveniences from its surplus, also cut out a muzzle, an eyebrow or a beard, wool between fingers and on small pillows of paws.

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This veterinary van puts a greater emphasis on the peculiarity of the haircuts of cats, since it is difficult for them to get used to their new appearance, and also that cats do not like to be washed. A feline groomer should be well versed in the psychology of cats’ behavior. He/she should not cut the cat, if it has a restless character, since it is a big risk of driving a pet into depression. As a rule, cats are cut only by machines. For cutting dogs the specialists of the van use a lot of different tools, such as sharp and blunt scissors, thinning scissors, machines with a lot of nozzles, special scissors, and a knife for stripping. First of all, dogs are combed with a special brush and comb, then washed and dried. Moreover, the groomer who makes a haircut takes into account not only the breed, but also the personal features of wool, tries to emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings. Also, owners can consult about hair care, how to style pets’ hair before going out, if it is necessary.

Glitter Tattoos

The glitter tattoo is a drawing that must be applied by a specialist with the help of sequins. Hypoallergenic materials, special ultra-fine cosmetic glitters and cosmetic gel used for tattoo are absolutely safe (Temporary Tattoo Store, n.d.). Such a procedure is completely safe for animals, since special hypoallergenic glue is used. An owner, who wants to make the glitter tattoo for a pet, can choose any drawing and color. A pattern with sparkles can stay on a pet’s body for more than two or three weeks. The advantage of glitter tattoos is that it is water resistant, so that in rainy weather, owners cannot worry that the tattoo is peeling off a pet’s skin. If desired, an owner can get rid of the tattoo with alcohol. Regardless of the manner in which the tattoo is made, it will always attract attention and give a pet a festive appearance. Such original jewelry will not interfere with a pet or adversely affect its health and the health of its owners. The glitter tattoo of animal will have great popularity during special occasions, as all guests will admire such a beautiful wool design.

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A great popularity among owners in the veterinary van is the use of tattoos, which is applied with the dye by the individual order. Drawing of different kind can be chosen; it can have one or more colors. This style of tattoo is applied by dye. Before drawing a sketch, the veterinary carefully prepares the wool for work: it is washed, cut and processed with special means that allow the dye to stick to the wool for a long time period. Both the duration of the preservation of the tattoo and its quality will depend on the technique of the preparatory work. Then, the tattoo must be professionally processed, thanks to which the pattern will not disappear for a couple of days.

Thus, if an owner wants his/her pet to always look faultless and stand out among the other pets, he/she should take advantage of this interesting service. This solution is able to surprise not only others, but an owner himself/herself, because the appearance of the animal will be eye pleasing. Due to the portable function of veterinary van, it is not necessary even waste time on the road.

Dental Treatment with Rhinestones

The life of pets in human society is unpredictable. People are accustomed to seeing in them loyal friends, heartfelt, funny pets and sometimes forget that the animal’s organism is arranged in a completely different way; an owner cannot know in advance which irritant will cause stress for a loved pet. And even if the responsible owner adheres to all veterinary regulations, there are a lot of invisible threats around a pet: bacteria, viruses, chemicals in the air and water.

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For example, the pathological process affects not only teeth, but also the oral cavity. First of all, it concerns the digestive organs, but all other systems can be involved too. Thus, the absence of clinical signs characteristic of a sick animal does not mean the absence of diseases of teeth and mouth. Animals aged one year old face dental diseases, which can become worse, if not treated (American Animal Hospital, n.d.). Sanitation of the oral cavity implies the detection and timely individual treatment of all diseases of the oral cavity in animals. Thus, a new veterinary van can diagnose tartar in dogs and cats, plaque, an unpleasant odor from the mouth, inflammation of the gums, non-viable, broken teeth and many other problems.

The veterinary can give such a service as implantation of rhinestones in the teeth. Different kinds of ornaments are established on teeth. It is absolutely safe for healthy teeth by means of special glue. Some owners prefer to use twinkles. These ornaments on teeth, containing precious stones, most often diamonds or sapphires, are excellent additions to different variants of grooming.











Other Interesting Things of Grooming

Correspondingly, this veterinary van includes the service of ears’ cleaning. In order to make this procedure, the groomer should use a lotion, since, if water gets into the ears, it may lead to otitis; some dogs need the wool to be removed from the auricle. The procedure of claws is also included in the services of the van. The pets must be pruned regularly, so that the paw is correctly formed. The ignorance of this question may affect the gait of dogs. However, this problem can be solved only by a professional, since during cutting the claws the blood vessels can be damaged. The same applies to the cutting of cats’ claws. Also, the list of van services includes trimming, that is the removal of dead wool. This procedure is sufficient for some breeds, such as terriers and schnauzers to be performed twice a year, but there are some that need to be trimmed monthly, for example, spaniels. However, it is necessary to remember that pets may well be scared or nervous at the sight and sounds of the machine, so it is important to try to teach them to this ritual from puppyhood. The veterinary van makes this procedure easy, since the atmosphere of home can help them to get accustomed to it.

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Each pet is completely dependent on its owner, who feeds, pours, walks, watches over its health and educates it. While acquiring a pet, it is necessary to understand that the maintenance and care about pets is not an amusing game with a sweet and fluffy animal, but, above all, it is the care. It is not essential to buy a soft toy that will become boring after a week or two; it is a real friend, who is able to be sad and happy with its owner. The life expectancy of all animals is very different, dogs can live up to twenty years, and hamsters or rats up to three, but, in any case, it is important to remember that all this time only an owner will be responsible for pet’s life and health. Due to veterinary van, owners can conduct qualified veterinary consultations, provide a wide range of veterinary services for small pets with a home visit; there is no need to go somewhere, if a pet is unwell. Cosmetic care and different types of procedures, such as dental treatment, vaccination with the issuance of veterinary passport and therapy etc. are included in the functions of this van. Therefore, owners can always ask their questions about the health of their pets.

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