Free «Understanding and How It Occurs» Essay

Understanding and How It Occurs

It can be defined as illustrating comprehension of the subject, sympathy for an individual or compassion. Many people focus on it as a process of comprehending or the knowhow of a given practice or theme. Moreover, it is a psychosomatic process connected to a theoretical or a sensible object like a person, message or state, in which a person can reason about it and utilize ideas to deal amply with that object. From a religious point of view, Christians focus on the understanding as a gift of the Holy Spirit. The paper will discuss understanding and how it occurs.

Understanding is a key tool of social life that enables individuals to learn new tactics of survival and comprehending. When people understand what they learn, they are to put into practice and hence acquire development socially, morally, economically and politically. Therefore, it is a principle that helps a nation to move forward. In addition, understanding helps students to pass their exams and hence guarantee a better future.

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In social life, a community requires individuals who understand one another to be able to socialize with people having different characters within the society. People have different traits and hence require a person to understand each trait to avoid conflict within the society. It is a feature necessary for leadership. Leaders require being understanding to lead in an effective way and be able to solve the conflict among the followers.

How Understanding Occurs

For understanding to occur, there are two main things that are necessary. These are:


The content of a place, the character traits of an individual or the formation of a given system must be meaningful for a human being to understand (Bereiter). In some cases, individuals require to be guided to understand that the content is meaningful to comprehend.

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Relationship with Prior Knowledge

To comprehend, a person can relate the content of a message, person or object to the things that he or she already knows.

There are different types of understanding such as conceptual understanding that occurs when a person can establish relationships with the knowledge he or she had before the situation occurred. However, it requires meaningful learning since it occurs when an appropriate link is provided relevantly to something that a person used to know priory. In conceptual understanding, one must coordinate and in some cases conduct experiments (Chaitin). Experiments enable a person to understand since it makes it follow the procedure from one step to another.

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Causal understanding is another type of understanding that relies on causal models that are a set of principles. It occurs through establishing the relationship amid the real event and generalities of principles that present them. It also occurs through learning the network of causal relationships that contribute to a given event.

From a Christian point of view, understanding comes from faith, and the motivation that one has. Christians assume that understanding occurs as a gift from the Holy Spirit. A society requires an understanding of each other so as to live in accord. Therefore, understanding occurs when people have experiences of conflicts that happen in the society because of traits that individuals cannot change. Facing diverse challenges, the society is forced to understand the character traits of a person to be able to socialize with them and avoid conflict in the society.

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To sum up, understanding is a key factor of victory. In life, it is a necessity. People require understanding to be able to develop and invent new ideas and technologies. Societies need to understand one another to avoid conflicts and associated challenges. Understanding is the mother of wisdom.

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