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London Metropolitan Police Service

In its overview, the London Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has employed a total of 31,000 officers, 414 traffic wardens, 4,000 Police Community Support Officers, 14,000 police staff. It also receives support from volunteer police officers which are presently estimated at 2,500. The volunteer officers are majorly those in the Employer Supported Policing and the Metropolitan Special Constabulary program. This entire team covers a total population of 7.2 people and an area of 620 square miles. In seeking to establish the Performance of the Metropolitan Police in the U.K, this write up will consider the way in which the team maintains public confidence, provides information to the public, its strategies, plans, and reports as well as the organization and structure of the team.

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Maintaining Public Confidence

The Metropolitan Police Service is has remained very committed to being open and honest to the public through its publications of the performance reports. In order to maintain its efficiency and high performance, the Metropolitan Police Service has therefore committed itself to ensuring that it continuously work with the public in the understanding that the Public Confidence is basic to this process.

The team therefore carries out a regular Public Attitude Survey. This enables it to gain a better understanding on how it can improve its effectiveness pin policing its jurisdiction while working with various partners in the delivery of a safer environment which its core responsibility. The team therefore receives consistent information; enabling it to improve its performance on a regular basis. This is especially so because the team has been able to explore on the various forms of crimes and other anti-social behaviors which are common among the criminals in their area of operation.

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Clear Mission and Vision

The MPS has a clear mission which is to make London safe for all the people they serve. The MPS is also committed to making the places safer, cutting crime and fearing it. All these are done while also ensuring that the law is upheld. On the other hand, the vision of the team is to make London the world’s safest major city. In order to for the team to achieve its mission and vision, it is committed to treat all the people fairly, ensure openness and honest, is flexibility to change for improvement and finally it works in partnership with all kits stakeholders. These form the values of the MPS which has since enabled it to make its information available for the public scrutiny. However, MPS has also ensured that certain information which requires restriction and protection are kept from the public.

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Sharing of Information with the Public

Overall, the MPS has the information Act of 2000 which helps to ensure the continued adoption and maintenance of its “Publication Scheme” which in turn ensures that all its information is made available to the public. The MPS effectively regulates the freedom of its information through the Freedom of Information Act which was passed in 2000. The act allows access to any recorded information which is in the hands of the public authorities. Moreover, it clearly states a number of situations in which the right to information may be limited. The act also gives various obligations which should be undertaken by the public authorities. The act is thus is central to the efficiency of both the MPS and the Metropolitan Police Authority. All these duties are effectively regulated by the office of the Information Commissioner whose duty is to ensure the promotion of best practice and compliance of the act.

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The MPS also conducts its investigations while ensuring that all its parties enjoy confidentiality and privacy. In this case, parties include; the suspects, victims and the witnesses. In addition, the MPS officers are equipped with tactics and techniques which are necessary in the detection and prevention of crime. The officers are also trained in the various government laws like that which prohibits them from releasing information concerning cases which are still under the investigation by the court. They thus appropriately apply exemptions to releasing information whenever they are requested to do so while protecting themselves with the provisions in the 2000 Act. However, the MPS have also identified the cases in which the interest of the public in a matter may override the would-be breach on personal privacy or individual harm and allows the public to access such information.

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The MPS also has a website on which it continuously publicized its information. Such information can be downloaded from the department’s Website free of charge by the public. Any information that may not be available in the electronic formats is also usually made available to the public whenever they request for them. The publication is controlled by the Head of the Public Access Office and Data Protection whom the public can also direct their concerns to. To avoid personification of its information, the MPS has secured a copyright for all its information.

Strategies and Plans

In addition to the provision of information to the public, the MPS has a well elaborate strategies and plans which enable it to efficiently perform its functions. These plans and performances in handling criminal cases are also publicized to allow for the public awareness and scrutiny. Its diversity strategy, for example, clearly outlines how it plans to enhance the trust and confidence of the community in the course of providing its services. The plans also outline how the service conducts its recruiting, how it retains, and finally allow the progress of the deserved officers. This is guided with such strategies as the Metropolitan Police Service Race and Diversity Strategy which ensures that there is no form of discrimination in recruiting, retaining, and/or promoting any officers.

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Key to the maintenance of its strategies is the Policing London Business Plan 2011-14. This plan outlines the various strategic MPS’s intentions in a period of three years and allows it to undergo the scrutiny of the office of the Mayor. The policy is also revised annually to ensure that it remains relevant to the current issues affecting the area. The Metropolitan Police Service therefore has policy plans to be undertaken on a yearly basis. This ensures that there is a delivery mechanism to realize the desired outcomes for each year as laid down in the three years’ strategy.

Annual Reports and Crime Statistics

The MPS also produces its annual reports as required by the law. This enables it to carry out a review of its activity after every year; thus evaluating its progress. This is established by comparing what is achieved to what was set out in the annual plan. Additionally, the MPS also continuously publicizes figures of the various categories of criminal activities which are committed within the area of its jurisdiction. Such figures are published on a monthly basis. This allows the MPS to know the level of crime experienced in each borough and the totals in the entire area of Jurisdiction. It is thus able to adjust accordingly in the provision of its services especially by deploying more offices to the crime prone areas.

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Organization and Structure of the MPS

The MPS is also well organized through its structure. It has various directorates with well outlined responsibilities. These include; Specialists Operations, Territorial Policing, Administration and Support, and finally the Specialist Crime and Operations. All these directorates are led by the assistant Commissioner except the administrative department which is headed by the police Staff’s director. The senior leadership of the management Board, which provides the strategic direction for MPS, consists of the Commissioner, its deputy, and four assistants plus civilian support directors.

It is such an elaborate structure that has ensured high performance in the MPS. For example, the structure stipulates the kind of consultation that is mandatory during the appointment of the high rank officers like that of the commissioner, his deputy and the four assistants. This avoids the unnecessary divisions within the Metropolitan Police Service. Territorial policing department has also been effective in the provision the necessary policies for the day to day operation in the areas of jurisdiction. It provides the regular and special police officers who respond to emergencies through continuous patrolling. There are also the Safer Neighborhood Teams which are allocated specified areas to man. In addition, the Boroughs have command units which in turn have the CID detectives which lead in providing investigations into all the criminal activities.

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Moreover, the special crime also carries investigation on serious crimes carried out by organized and specialized groups. They therefore investigate those crimes that cannot be investigated by the CID detectives. On the other hand, the Central Operations Directorate provides operational support as well as the functions related to specialist policing. The Specialist Operations, on its side, provides the capabilities required in specialist policing. It is divided into the Protection Demands, Counter Terrorism Command, and the Protective Security Command.


In conclusion, lit is thus clear that, the UK’s metropolitan police’s performance is high. The team’s efficiency and effectiveness has been as a result of its well outline mission and vision, its open and honest relationship with the public, strategies and plans as well as its organization and structure.

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