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Evidence-Based Practice

The aim of the article Evidence-based practice: collaboration between education and nursing management is to examine the process of growth of nurses’ professional skills; what is more, we should also take into account the system of enriching their knowledge within evidence-based practice. The fact that it corresponds to reality is beyond any possible doubts. The article provides that over the past decade evidence-based practice has took its time in order to prove that it is a gold standard for quality healthcare. We have to take into consideration this fact regarding the plot of the discussion article. It is obvious that the article contains the material having significant role in the spectrum of nurses’ system.

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Furthermore, the article presents the issue that nurses always possess the theoretical knowledge in the branch of medicine; nevertheless, the problem is to involve them into the practice while working with the patients. This is the main task that is to be gained while speaking about our article. Usually the frequent source of new information in the theoretical medical branch so as in a practical one comes from the colleagues and the experience. The research was conducted based on the questioner. We can see corresponding results of this investigation in the article we are discussing.

The questions which were asked in the research study were focused on the practicing nurses’ attitudes towards evidence based practice. It was one of the main directions of the questioner. The goal was also to investigate whether the meaning of EBP was known for the nurses. Figuring out of whether the nurses are familiar with the meaning of EBP could provide necessary conclusion of the current investigation. The article was basically focused on the issues mentioned above. As the result, we can conclude that it mainly regards the question of nurses and evidence based practice. The issue is quite specific and the one requiring certain analysis. The article is aimed at providing the results of certain examinations and numerous research cases.

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Studying the article from the Nursing journal, it has to be mentioned that the evidence of the article which is presented supports the conclusion. It is obvious and does not require any additional evidence. Basically, the article is aimed at examining the practicing nurses’ attitudes towards their knowledge mainly based on the corresponding practice. What is more, it is concerned about the relationship and collaboration between education and nursing management. Speaking about the article in detail, we need to take into account the fact that it provided different questions of the research which were deeply studied and gave the helpful information in the process of the mentioned research.

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In the conclusion part of the article, all the evidence was presented. There are many details concerning the discussion item, and it proves the trustworthy nature of the current article. The thing is that is not enough to provide different suggestions and theories; the most important thing within the matter of investigation or any kind of research practice is based on the evidence. In case the article contains it the readers will be aware of that it definitely corresponds to reality. In accordance with this obviousness, it is necessary to state the article to be competently constructed by the author. The answers to the research questions were proposed. What is more, these answers reflect the real state of nurses’ knowledge. These answers are based on different examinations and assessments. The facts provided by the study mentioned above confirms the necessity of the educational intervention within the sphere regarding the fundamentals of nurses’ practicing.

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The research which is presented in the article attempts to address important challenge. Ethical approval was obtained from the IRB at MillikinUniversity. The ethical issue which was arisen is that nurse managers are ready to create an environment that provides the enthusiasm to the nurses in order in future to have a good relationship with the patients.

Studying the research, we have come to the conclusion that it is a descriptive versus Analytical Research. In was attempted to determine and to describe the problem of the research and to establish how it came to be.

The tools which the researches were used in order to examine practicing nurses’ attitude during all the research were similar. Demographics concerning the issue of educational preparation, sphere of certain practice, exact number of years in practice, and also the age so as the gender were collected.

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The results of the research showed a significant correlation between the attitudes and knowledge questions and education. Higher levels of educational resulted in an increase in attitude and knowledge of EBP. Studying the article it was found several specific nursing strategies. New graduates and practicing nurses must have a mentor to model implementing the principles of evidence-based care into practice. Furthermore, continuing education and creating an environment that encourages the implementation of EBP in the context in which nurse’s practice is important.

It is obviously important to use a theoretical model while conducting the nursing researches. We cannot but confirm it to be the basic key to success. It is an obligatory part when researching the item of the article discussed. Theoretical method includes the propositional statements which further would be studied and applied into the practice in nursing work. The theoretical method allows succeeding in writing the research paper of full value. It gives the chance to see all the angles necessary to gain the impartial results when studying some matters. This model guide the testing of interventions and hypotheses based on the theory. The results of using this theoretical model are explaining the study results.

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To sum up, the research article published in the Nursing Journal has conducted many tests, observations, studies and found the useful strategies for the nurses in the practical medical sphere. These contributions make our article an important tool while researching nurses’ attitudes and knowledge of evidence-based practice. We have to take into condinderation the fact that the article is absolutely straightforward in its conclusions. It is clear and vividly positioned. While reading it, we can easily follow certain ideas and assumptions of the author which appeared to be complete in the structure. It is possible to use the results of the current article in a further examination of our discussion items due it displaying thorough study and also providing sound reading of its study.

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